Xmas ceiling decorations

Why do we decorate our houses at Christmas time?

To celebrate Jesus' birthday on Christmas Day many people decorate their homes. В© copyright of projectbritain.com

What are the traditional Christmas Decoration Colours?

Red and green are the traditional colours of Christmas.

Green represents the continuance of life through the winter and the Christian belief in eternal life through Jesus. В© copyright of projectbritain.com

Red symbolizes the blood that Jesus shed at His Crucifixion.


When are Christmas decorations put up?

Christmas decorations used to be put up on Christmas Eve and not before. Indeed, many people believed that it was extremely unlucky to bring evergreens, the traditional item to decorate homes, into the house before that date. copyright of projectbritain.com

Decorations on the ceiling

Christmas Decoration in the home

In Britain today, few people would now wait until Christmas Eve. Most people put up their decorations about a fortnight to a week before Christmas Day. copyright of projectbritain.com

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