Interiors 1900 FARGO Art Deco Style Tiffany ceiling pendant light, medium

ART DECO TIFFANY CEILING LIGHT Height 45. 5cms to 149cms Diameter 41. 5cms Bulb 1 x 60 watt ES or 1 x 11 watt low energy (not included) Use as Modern or traditional ceiling light Tiffany style ceiling light Lighting in Art Deco style Lounge or dining room ceiling light A hanging ceiling pendant light from the Fargo Art Deco collection of Tiffany lighting.

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art deco ceiling light

Antique tin ceiling tiles

$16. 99 Ceiling Tins - 37909"> 2 12" Antique Tin Ceiling Tile Beautiful Rusty Metal Patina Salvage Reclaimed Ceiling Tins - 37909 Buy: $19. 99 Ceiling Tins - 37909"> 2 12" Antique Tin Ceiling Tile Beautiful Rusty Metal Patina Salvage Reclaimed Ceiling Tins - 37909 $150. 0 Ceiling Tins - 37909"> Antique Tin Ceiling Tile Shelf 3 FT RECLAIMED Old Metal White Shabby Old Chic Ceiling Tins - 37909 $19.

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antique tin ceiling tiles

Antique Ceiling Tiles for Any Decorating Style

Inspiration Today, pressed metal antique ceiling tiles have come back to life with all the intricate ornamental details and authentic patterns of the late 19th century. Antique ceiling tiles can transform a room by adding texture, color and flair. No matter the decorating style – from modern to traditional – or how the room is used – from home theatres and man caves to family game rooms – antique ceiling tiles make everyone look up and take notice.

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antique ceiling tiles

Antique Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans became popular in the 1970s and 1980s, but it may be surprising to hear that they have been around since the 1800s, predating even electricity. The earliest ceiling fans were belt driven and water powered, other models from the 1800s operated on direct current. By the early 1900s the majority of ceiling fans operated on alternating current as they do today. Ceiling fans from this era up until the 1950s are considered antique, and many of them are still in use today.

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antique ceiling fans

Antique brass ceiling lights

Most Helpful Customer Reviews 15 of 16 people found the following review helpful By happyshopper on March 14, 2012 Color Name: Bright Brass Verified Purchase The Hunter Studio Series Fan was purchased to replace a 30 year old Hunter fan whose motor finally bit the dust. This fan is required to work 24/7/365 while looking beautiful in my family-room which is the hub of our home. Why the fan must be hard working: To decrease heating and cooling costs.

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antique brass ceiling lights

Aluminum soffit panels

Instructions Set a length of aluminum soffit flat on the surface of a worktable. Pull the tape measure along the side of the aluminum soffit to the length required for your cut, and place a mark on the face of the aluminum soffit with the permanent marker. Drag the permanent marker along the edge of the long blade of the combination square to create a line across the surface of the aluminum soffit.

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Aluminum soffit and fascia

Help with installing aluminum soffit and fascia We are getting ready to install the soffit and fascia on our house, and due to budget constraints we can't hire the work done as we'd prefer. So I am looking for how soffit and fascia is actually installed since we know absolutely nothing about it. Plus some good tips for the job to look as professional as we can get and not be so DIY obvious. So please bear with me as I have a lot of dumb questions.

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Vinyl Soffit vs Aluminum Soffit

Vinyl soffit comes in handy for home improvement projects. Soffit is the material used on the underside of many features in the home. You can install it under eaves, stairs, arches or cornices. The soffit seals an open space which helps to complete an installation. Soffits also help to protect your home. Vinyl and aluminum are two widely used materials for soffits. Some knowledge of the pros and cons of each can help you make a good choice.

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aluminum soffit

Make Pressed Aluminum Ceiling Tiles From Soda Pop Cans

January 26, 2015 This step by step tutorial of how to make pressed aluminum ceiling tiles from soda pop cans is true do it yourself project that takes recycling to a whole new level. Originally, decorative metal ceiling and wall ties were made on tin but the do it yourself tutorial will be using aluminum because it is easily found and is an inexpensive material. This method will be creating a die stamp that is used to form the pressed Aluminum ceiling tiles.

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aluminum ceiling tiles

Aluminum ceiling panels

Black, brass, bronze, copper, aged copper, nickel and white faux Tin Ceiling tiles (2'x4') are easily installed without nailing plus save money. Save on solid colored styrene tin styled tiles for walls, backsplashes and ceilings. Above #209 solid colored brass. It is impossible to tell the difference from metal or styrene panels. Plus we offer 31 designs in metal Tin tiles, see separate web page.

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