Zachry construction corp

zachry construction corp

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Zachry has a lot of good people within the company, however, there were more downfalls than I had hoped for.

First, there is no formal training program. You are just expected to learn by experience and get thrown into a position of large responsibility. You are put under a microscope and are expected to perform to perfection with little/no experience of the job.

Second, you are pressured to work very long hours. A typical day was never less than 10 hours, plus you are expected to

work most weekends. This provides for little work/life balance.

Lastly, pay is mediocre for what you are being asked of. Do not expect to be compensated very well in the construction industry in general. It was not worth the pay/hours that you are asked to work.

You can get a lot of experience from working here, but you need to be a quick learner and always be on your toes. It is a rapidly changing environment and you will be presented with many stressful situations and challenges on a daily basis.

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