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zip line construction

Professional Zip Line Construction and Installation Services installs and designs zip lines and ropes courses. EBL has established zip line installation standards, designs tour equipment, and consults with clients to promote professional operation procedures. - Is a full-service ropes course and canopy tour developer offering business development and consulting services, course design and installation, guide training and certification, and inspection and maintenance services. Rather than offer franchise models, S.T.E.P.S. offer customized turnkey solution. As of late summer 2009, more than 340,00 participants have experience S.T.E.P.S. designed and installed courses. Designs and constructs ziplines in US and central American locations. - constructs customized zip lines to the local conditions ready to go; or offers a comprehensive materials list for the do-it-yourselfer who would prefer to source their own materials. Provides canopy access and consultation with regard to the appropriate site location, selection of access options, and costs. Whether you want an extensive canopy system, or an observation platform, Canopy Construction Associates can design and build an access system to suit your needs. A French-Canadian zipline builder residing in Mexico providing zip line design, construction, and training services for north, central and south America. Has built some of the largest zip line tours

in the world. Member of the Association for Challenge Course Technology and builds according to their standards. Offers a many professional zip line design and construction services ranging from consultation, design and installation to inspections and insurance assistance. Provides services worldwide. 30 years of construction experience, creative problem solving skills, and knowledge of the tourism industry. We can design, build, and deliver a first class zip-line attraction for a select few clients.

Zipline Construction Book:

Zip Line Construction Guide . One of the few dedicated zip line construction books available. Excellent information, and a must have for anyone building a zip line without using a kit. Invaluable for both the backyard zip line builder and professionals. The book is black and white. PDF version is in full color and may be requested.

Course Management:

The Complete Ropes Course Manual . Learn how to run a challenge course from start to finish. It covers all the new ACCT certification content and how to effectively working with groups, course management, and technical skills required.

Fun Ride Deluxe Zip Line

70' ride; 225 lbs, from $98.99

Bring Your Adventure Sports Skyline Backyard Zipline Kit

90' Hawk Series Zipline Kit

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