Zurn floor sinks

zurn floor sinks

Why don't we show the price?

Like many retailers, FaucetDirect.com can choose to set its own prices independently. And even though manufacturers require FaucetDirect.com and other retailers to display a product's "minimum advertised price" (or MAP), the retailer can choose to sell for less than that. But the price must be conveyed in other ways, and each individual manufacturer's MAP policy determines where the price can be seen.

To see the

price for this product at FaucetDirect.com, you'll need to place it in your shopping cart, and maybe even proceed to final checkout. If you're not ready to buy the product, simply remove it from the cart.

FaucetDirect.com apologizes for any inconvenience. We'd just like to offer you the chance to save extra money while we adhere to manufacturers' MAP policies. FaucetDirect.com is also working to educate manufacturers on how their policies impact customers and their buying behavior.

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