Brazilian walnut flooring

Brazilian Walnut, which is also known as Ipe, has a very beautiful chocolate color. Famous for its durability, Brazilian Walnut is even popular in decking applications, and you can be sure it will provide you amazing durability as a flooring as well. Its beautiful color is breathtaking and is certain to provide any ambience with a warm feeling. For more technical information on this specie click here.

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Brazilian cherry flooring

Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring Brazil Cherry is one of our most popular forest because of its ideal balance of rich beauty and demonstrated strength. Its spectacular shades range from a yellow-coloured tan to red brownish when just machined, and it increases significantly to an beautiful deep cherry brownish as it ages. For flooring space that demand strength and durability season after season, personal or commercial, Brazil Cherry is an excellent flooring surfaces choice.

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Loncoin Marine and Boat Flooring

LONCOIN MARINE FLOORING – LONCOIN I One of Lonseal’s pioneering designs in the field of slip-resistant embossing, Loncoin I has been demonstrating its outstanding resilience capabilities in high-traffic interiors for decades. With its nickel-sized coin stamping, Loncoin I offers stylish, low-maintenance flooring in three practical color options. Cleaning Tips: Our vinyl flooring is no maintenance and never requires any sealants or floor wax.

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Loncoin Marine Flooring - Black

Boat decking

DEK-KING ® is the ultimate alternative to teak decking and can be easily fitted by the amateur and professional alike. Simply join the DEK-KING ® strips together using the tongue and groove joint and Stelmax adhesive to create a continuous area of decking ready to be adhered to your deck. Read more on our teak here. Installation of our Dek-King range of products can be made all the more easier by first referring to our guide below which contains useful tips and information to assist with the planning and installation of your new deck.

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boat decking

Black laminate flooring

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black laminate flooring

Black floor tiles

Instructions Fill a 32 oz. spray bottle halfway with water. Do not add more water than half of the spray bottle because you will need room for the addition of the vinegar and castile soap, as well as, empty space for the ingredients to breathe. Add five drops of castile soap to the mixture in the spray bottle. For a smaller spray bottle you will want to cut the amount down to approximately two drops, and for larger spray bottles you may use as much as five to six drops of additional soap.

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BlackandWhiteTile.Com Blog

Black-and-White Checkered Tile Floor in Your Home Allows You to Create a Retro Look Installing a black-and-white checkered tile floor in your home allows you to create a retro look in the room where you are installing the flooring. If you have basic carpentry skills, you should be able to install floor tiles. When it comes to floor tile design, there is a greater variety of choices, but black and white is always a good bet.

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Brand Wars - A Laminate Flooring Showdown

This is an outdated article. For the most up-to-date version of this invaluable information, read Brand Wars II: A Laminate Flooring Showdown. Introduction *Please be sure to read our FINAL COMMENTS at the end of this article. They are vital to your flooring future. * Selecting a floor today couldn't be more confusing. Which laminate should you choose? Which brand should you buy? This article describes some of the fundamentals about laminate flooring.

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best laminate flooring brand

Top 5 Qualities of the Best Laminate Flooring

Find the best laminate flooring for your home by learning the top features and benefits to consider before going floor shopping. You’ll be amazed how the best laminate flooring truly captures the sophisticated beauty and design of the finest natural hardwood, ceramic and stone – yet at a fraction of the cost. Laminate offers many great features and benefits that are surprisingly available in so affordable a flooring option: low maintenance, durability, scratch and stain resistance, easy DIY installation.

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best laminate flooring

Best decking material

Learn the secrets to selecting the BEST DECK MATERIAL for your deck, your climate and your budget. Avoid common mistakes and save thousands of dollars in maintenance and future repairs…. Discover what you REALLY NEED TO KNOW about deck materials to ensure that every trip out onto your deck will be a pleasure trip, not a work trip. … Dear Homeowner: Congratulations! You’ve taken the leap and decided to build a new deck! Now you have to choose a deck material.

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best decking material

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