Zoned central heating

zoned central heating

Truck mounted hoover and a Worcester WAVE

We are in Addlestone, Surrey today.  We are replacing a boiler badged and installed by British Gas a few years ago (but we know it is a Gloworm with a bigger margin), with the latest Worcester-Bosch combinaton boiler.

British Gas BG330 to be removed

The new owners of the property quite fancied getting all their radiators working, as the ones in the recent kitchen extension only worked intermittently, and even then, were lukewarm.

They also desired mains pressure hot and cold water, so the no doubt expensive Gloworm (or BG 330 as it is otherwise known) heat only boiler had to go.  As things turned out, it wasn’t a moment too soon, because the 3 yr old

boiler was all rusty inside due to condensate leaking from the heat exchanger.

Condensate leak inside BG330 (overpriced rebadged budget Gloworm)

We rerouted some of the radiator pipework, giving a better flow to the kitchen radiators.  We also latterly discovered a flattened hot water pipe under the hall floor, but that is another story.

Our Powerflush Magnacleanse magnets picked up lots of magnetite, suggesting the heating system water pipes hadn’t been properly cleansed 3 years earlier.

This lot is going, to be replaced by a combination boiler in the utility room

Our customer had read all about the Worcester WAVE controller, so he was one of the first to have one of these (Nov 2014).

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