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Save energy. Save Money. Enjoy a higher level of comfort.

A ductless heat pump is a highly efficient heating and cooling system that is easy to install. Ductless mini splits heat AND cool homes at a fraction of the cost of baseboard and wall heaters. The Daikin ductless heat pump mini split system provides exceptional energy savings, many consumers report savings of up to 40% on their energy bill!

Applications for the mini split heating and cooling are:

  • Home heated with electric heat – The

    Daikin ductless heat pumps are an excellent replacement for any home heating with electric baseboard wall or ceiling units, wood stoves and other space heaters, such as propane.

  • Remodels and Room Additions – A ductless heat and cooling systems is perfect for home additions, remodeling project and garage conversions. There is no need for duct work and the units are easily installed.
  • New Construction – Many new homes take advantage of the ductless technology.

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