Calvert Mansion

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The Calvert Mansion is a large Victorian mansion located in Point Lookout. It is inhabited by Desmond Lockheart. a 200 year-old ghoul from before the Great War.



The Calvert Family had a long history in Point Lookout, but Calvert Mansion is all that remains of their legacy.

” — Fallout 3 loading screen. Point Lookout

The Mansion is one of the largest buildings on the peninsula, the other being Blackhall Manor. The mansion itself, while being in excellent condition compared to buildings in the Capital Wasteland, is still in bad shape. A good amount of the wood is rotting, and parts of the floor will break if you step on them.

The mansion bears the name Calvert from its former inhabitants, the powerful Calvert family. The Calverts were a major force in pre-war Maryland, spawning a political dynasty which saw family members elected to various offices at both the state and national levels.


Calvert Mansion inhabited by a ghoul named Desmond Lockheart and his two dogs, Freki and Geri. He has

been attacked numerous times by a group of tribals. whose aim is to raze the mansion to the ground. According to Tobar. the building holds hidden treasures.

The place is filled with ammunition and medical supplies set up by Desmond that can be used to survive the tribal attack. In the numerous wardrobes/cupboards are pre-War outfits, hats, and bonnets.

Inside Desmond's corner is an assortment of weapons, ranging from a sledgehammer to a flamer. as well as a punga experiment that will illuminate a light bulb.

Panic Room

The Panic Room is a room under Calvert Mansion that was designed to be a shelter in the case of an attack. It can only be accessed after the quest Thought Control. Desmond can be found in the panic room if you completed Thought Control in his favor. Inside are numerous items and containers. There are 2 ammunition boxes. a cabinet, a desk, a filing cabinet, a few shelves, and 5 television sets.

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