How to Build a Guinea Pig Hamster Cage MANSION

how to build a guinea pig cage

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Step 1: Supplies & Tools Needed

  1. Dollhouse NOT used for "primary purpose" anymore (she is done playing dolls)
  2. Plastic Outdoor/Lawn & Garden Fencing/Netting
I needed 3' x 4' (substitute with anything that works )
  • You must measure your dollhouse for accurate dimensions
  • Hot Glue Gun & 6- 8 long glue sticks
  • Spray Paint (Optional)
  • Paper Clips 12-20
  • Electric Staple Gun
  • Wood 2 inches in height and cut to fit dollhouse dimensions. Razor Knife (easier) or scissors to trim netting
  • Your "already available" basic guinea pig or hampster supplies
  • Step 5: Secure Open Windows In Dollhouse to Avoid Escape

    Hot Glue

    Step 6: Secure Entire Front of Dollhouse Opening

    truly amazing, I adore that there are so many people like me who give their pets a life the deserve!!

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