How To Build A Boat Trailer

how to build a boat

Learning how to build a boat trailer can be a fun project that will save you money! Boat trailers are very expensive and hard to find. There are many different types of boat trailers, but we’ll take a look at one that will work for almost any boat’s needs. If you’re ready to take on the challenge of building your very own boat trailer, than take a look at the following items you’ll need to accomplish your task.

To build your own boat trailer, you’ll need the following items:

  • Scrap metal
  • Basic welding skills/available welder
  • Hitch
  • Treated lumber
  • Marine carpet
  • Electric drill
  • Marine wiring
  • Boat lights
  • Metal hooks
  • Axle w/ tires
  • Rollers
  • Cushioning
  • Boat chain
  1. Construct the skeleton. To complete building your own boat trailer, you’ll need to know either basic welding skills or need a welder. Begin by acquiring some scrap metal for your boat trailer. Next, measure the length of your boat. Take this measurement and add approximately four feet to it. Next, take this measurement and build a straight metal rod that will act as your frame using this measurement. Make sure that this rod will be wide enough for you to safely stand on. Weld a hitch to the front of this rod, which will act as the front of your boat trailer. After you build the frame, build two additional metal rods that run underneath your original frame. Build these support frames near the back of your boat trailer. Make sure that you measure the width of your boat before building these support frames. To complete this step, place one slab of treated lumber on each side of your metal frame on the support frames. Make sure that these slabs of treated wood are covered with marine carpeting.
  2. Add the fixings. This step of building your boat trailer will encompass many small steps that will get your metal frame into working condition. First,

    drill holes in your metal frame and run wiring from your hitch to the back of your boat. Drill into the back of your treated lumber slabs and install your backing lights. After your lights are installed, connect the wires to your backing lights. Place one small hook next to each of your backing lights; they will act as a place to hook your boat straps from your boat trailer to your boat. Next, install the axle for your trailer to the bottom of your boat. This axle should be placed near the back of your boat trailer, which will help with transportation and launching. Install a smaller wheel near the front of your boat trailer which you will use while hooking/unhooking your boat. Make sure that you use a wheel that can be pulled up so it doesn’t drag while you drive!

  3. Finish your boat trailer. To begin this step, install a set of plastic rollers on the metal frame of your trailer. Next, install a metal support beam at the location on your trailer where the front of your boat will rest during transportation. This metal rod should be high enough to adequately support the height of your boat. Use cushioning at the location where your boat will be rubbing against this metal frame. To complete this project, install a boat chain to the back of the metal rod. This chain hooks to the front of your boat and acts as the main support for keeping your boat intact while you’re transporting it, so make sure that you choose a quality product that locks in place!

There’s a wide variety of different customizations for your boat trailer, but these steps will give you an adequate trailer that’ll get you on and off the water safely. Make sure that you test out the strength and durability of your trailer extensively before getting it on the water. As you may note by now, there are many different things you’ll need to do to construct your own boat trailer, but with a little patience, time, and trial-and-error, you’ll have your very own boat trailer in no time, good luck!

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