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Allocating Stat Points

There are two extreme ways to build your character in UE - High BSI (Battle Strength Index) or High LSI (Leveling Speed Index). As the names suggest, BSI players put most, or all, of their stat points into attack or defense to make themselves strong. LSI players put their stat points into energy or stamina to level up quickly. Asatru typically values BSI, as it is valuable during wars, but whatever your choice, please consider the following:

Attack/Defense: Attack is obviously a valuable stat for snipers or assassins who need big numbers to overcome enemy players. Defense is obviously a good choice for enforcers and heavies who are often put in defensive positions and need to survive a lot of hits. However, these attributes overlap. A portion of your attack points is added to your defense when you are attacked and a portion of your defense points aid in your attacks. For example, if you have 100 attack, then 70 points will be counted towards your defense if you are attacked.
This means: You should concentrate on building either attack OR defense - you don't need them to be balanced.

Energy/Stamina: Adding energy helps you do jobs. Stamina helps you complete more PvP and boss fights, but costs twice as much. Both of these attributes help you to level up quickly. Consider this:
---Some jobs give lieutenants as rewards. These jobs typically require more energy than other jobs. You might need to increase your energy if you want to participate in these jobs.
---You can earn gear, lieutenants, CC, class xp, and respect points by defeating bosses but it may be difficult to earn the best rewards without high stamina.
---Consider your playing habits. If you log-in frequently throughout the day, then you can play with low energy/stamina without wasting any points. If you can't check in very often, your energy/stamina will charge to maximum and then STOP while you are away unless you add a few more points.

Health: Deciding how much health to add can be tricky. Health is very valuable during empire war but is a disadvantage in most other circumstances. Healing becomes very expensive when you have high health and it gives other players a lot more opportunity to hit you during PvP. Consider your priorities carefully before adding to your health.

Leveling & Banking
Just a few basic tips here.

Don't waste points: You will level up faster if you use your stamina/energy before they reach maximum. Don't let them "overflow". Also, if you find yourself in a situation where you have more stamina/energy than you need to level up try to put them to good use. Some lieutenants allow you to use more stamina in a single hit. Jobs with high energy costs can be a good place to dump extra energy.

Spend/bank your money: Leaving your money out in the open is an obvious no-no, as is allowing your safe-house to overflow. However, since the bank charges you a fee each time you make a deposit, try to make purchases before depositing money in the bank, when possible.

Start with properties: Low level players should concentrate on building up their properties before going crazy with other purchases. Buy enough to do jobs and put the rest into properties - consider it an investment in your future.

Always buy 10: Buy weapons, gear, and vehicles in groups of 10. This will save you millions in the long run, because the price increases each time you buy.

Consider the cost/value: Just because a weapon is expensive doesn't mean it is worth it. Check out Spinner's Weapons Calculator to get an idea of which weapons will give you the most bang for your buck.

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You don't necessarily have to have a bunch of epic lieutenants to be strong!

Seats count - In most circumstances only the seated lieutenants in your "inner circle" count. If you want a lieutenants special skill to be active, they must be in that group. The lieutenants that you have seated should change based on what you are doing. Seat lieutenants with energy/stamina bonuses when you are about to level up. Seat lieutenants with good defense if you plan to be away from the game for a while. Think about specific bonuses and overall attack/defense that each lieutenant provides and don't be afraid to experiment.

Level them up - Begin with the lieutenants that you want to include in your inner circle and then continue on down to the cheesiest turd. Even a crappo lieutenant will be better when leveled up. (Lieutenants only level up when they are in the right hand position.)

Handy Lieutenants - Some lieutenants are useful even if their attack/defense stats aren't amazing simply because of their bonuses. Here are a few basic ones that you should consider using, even if they only have 1 star. (For more ideas, ask your teammates!)

Penelope: Increases the xp you get from jobs - you will level faster.
Michael: Equip him when buying weapons for a discount.
Charmaine: Save money when depositing cash in the bank.
(These can be bought for in-game money - everyone can get these!

Hotwire: Steal ridiculous amount of cash from players in PvP.
(This one isn't always easy to come by - grab her quick if you can!)

Earning Stat Points

You will earn 5 stat points each time that you level up - everyone gets those so no big surprises there. However, there are also other ways to earn more stat points.

Completing Jobs: You earn 1 stat point for each job that you complete. This includes the "bonus" jobs that unlock after you 5-star all the other jobs in an area.

Earning Achievements: You can earn stat points or favor points for achieving certain goals. Some of them are really easy to complete, some can be very difficult. In any case, you should check your progress and set goals by clicking on the gold trophy in the top left corner of your screen. (It should flash when you've completed something!)

Gaining PvP rank: When you gain rank in PvP you will earn stat points and the ability to purchase powerful weapons.

Gifting & Allies

It is important to reach 501 allies by level 100. This opens a lieutenant seat and allows you to bring the maximum number of weapons to war during PvP. You can also ask your allies for help against bosses and exchange gifts with them. You can add allies by entering a 6-digit code on the "allies" screen. To gain more allies:
1) Add all of your Asatru teammates! (See the roster page.)
2) Post your ally code in your profile, war chat, and in-game chat rooms.
3) Google "underworld empire ally codes" and add your code to one of the code sharing sites.
4) Never pay for ally codes - that's just silly.

Many bosses require items that

can only be obtained through gifting. You can also collect weapons and gear this way. Sadly, most people don't understand how it works.
1) If you want to send a gift to a specific person, go to the gifting screen, and check ONLY their name. When you select multiple recipients, UE cheats and doesn't send gifts to everyone.
2) If you want to send gifts to a lot of people, go to the gift screen, press "select all", THEN CHOOSE THE NEXT PAGE, and press "select all" again, and continue until you have checked all of your allies. If you just press "select all" without selecting each individual page it will only send gifts to the people who are on the current page. I know. it's stupid.
3) You can only exchange one gift per day with each ally UNLESS you re-gift. If you get a gift from someone, accept it, wait about a minute, then send them a gift in return. It's tedious but you can exchange a LOT of gifts this way. (NOTE: When you re-gift you don't have to select the recipient's name. Once small mercy. )
4) Gifts with higher level requirements are not necessarily better!
Check Spinner's Weapons Calculator to see which ones are the best. (Hint: The best one rhymes with "pervert beagle".)

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Duel vs War - When attacking someone in PvP you can choose between "duel" and "war". "Duel" compares only your seated lieutenants and your top
item in each category. "War" compares all of your lieutenants and up to 501 items in each category.* The number of items you bring to war is limited by
the number of allies that you have. Choose whichever method you think will earn you a win, but it is a good idea to use both methods once in a while -
you can earn achievements for using them!
*Some lieutenants allow you to bring more items.

High Defense/High Attack - Both of these situations can lead to amusing PvP experiences. Players with extremely high defense will earn xp and $$$ for
free when other players attack and lose against you - a nice bonus! High attack players are less likely to win against these attacks but can enjoy the
satisfaction of revenge - you can often attack and win against players who attacked and defeated you.

Just stay dead
- If you are losing to a lot of attackers you can "hide" in hospital with a little luck and good stamina management. This isn't a perfect strategy and staying dead isn't 100% effective, but it does at least reduce the amount of hits that you take and can buy you a little breathing room.

Know your enemy - There are a lot of factors that contribute to making a character strong/weak. Choose your PvP opponents carefully to maximize your
benefits and reduce the chances of defeats and reprisals. Things to consider:

Level - This sounds obvious but sometimes the battle list is mean and picks opponents who are significantly above your level. There is no advantage to hitting opponents at a higher level (other than bragging rights), so if you see a long list of high levels, refresh the battle list and look again.
Battle Rank - High battle rank usually indicates stronger players but if you only hit players with very low battle rank you won't move up in rank yourself!
Players with battle ranks that seem unusually high for their level can be good targets if all the other factors add up. Otherwise, try to hit within 2 ranks of
your own battle rank.
Allies - Number of allies tells you how much gear your enemy can potentially bring to war with them. If you know that you have more gear than they have
allies, they will probably be a good target for war. On the other hand, you don't necessarily need to be intimidated by extremely large numbers of allies.
Since the number of allies that you can bring to war is limited to about 501 (a few more with certain bonuses), a player with 1000 allies isn't necessarily
any stronger than a player with 501 allies. NOTE: This doesn't really make a difference if you duel.
Right Hand LT - This is a pretty obvious one, but if you see someone that you would otherwise attack with a hugely-powerful multi-star epic lieutenant as
their right hand, approach with caution. It's not unheard of for players to win an epic LT or two from a free crate roll or scratcher but if you see one with a
lot of stars it means that person spent money on them and probably has a lot of other strong LT's to back them up. That said, if they only have 5 allies,
choosing "war" might still be a good option.

Profile - Don't just hit the "duel" or "war" button. Click on the person's picture first to see their profile. This will show you their PvP record and gear. PvP
records can sometimes be misleading but a character with good gear is usually going to be a tough fight unless they are weak in some other area.

Equip a lame LT
- Before entering the battle list place a weak lieutenant in your right hand seat. Odds are good that you will see some unusually weak
opponents in the list. (Thanks Slay and Ava!)

Rank up. or not: Increasing your PvP rank gives you stat points and allows you to buy weapons but it can also make you a target. This is particularly
true once you hit the "gold badge" levels. A good rule of thumb: If you defeat a lot of the people who attack you, then you can probably rank up without
too much trouble. Of course, if you are one rank away from a good weapon, it might pay to throw caution to the wind.

Specific strategies coming soon!

Meanwhile, a good rule of thumb is: Hoard Your Refills & FP!
Use them during events for more benefits than during normal play.

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If you aren't a big spender, wait for a special offer before buying favor points! They happen fairly often and you can get more bang for your buck this

Power Ups - You will sometimes be lucky enough to earn a free stamina/energy refill pack. Use these carefully to get a lot more bang for your buck. For
example: It is usually not a good idea to use an energy/stamina refill right before you would level up anyway - a lot of it will go to waste. Also, low level players (below lvl 100) should really consider saving these refills for later.

Don't piss off Ava - she will hunt you down and cut you. (EmmaLemma)

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