Making your first website from scratch

how to build your own website from scratch

well at least im not the only one

I can't believe that you compared your single-imaged site to instructable's. I'm sorry, but thats way out of line. Also, what ever happened to hand-coded stuff? I don't recall seeing anyone giving the aspects of "How to [actually learn the terms and syntax] make a web page". (I did see some flash ones, and some non-web ones, but thats different) I think this is just a bad topic. Instructables is not a good method for teaching someone HTML, PHP, ASP, JS, etc. I wouldn't learn Spanish from an instructable. (Maybe a few key phrases, however)

I wasn't comparing my site to instructables, i was just saying that all you really need for a good website is basically a banner, and some buttons, which look at the instructables homepage other than the login and search bars, and the pictures the link to different instructables, thats all their really is. get off your high and mighty horse and calm down.

Okay then, but its not true. Yes, for a nice screenshot of a website, all you need is nice images. But for the actual functionality of a website, you need to do more than just create a background image. Those cause all sorts of problems with various browsers, and it is completely inaccessible.

yes but in, nvu you can set alternate text which shows if you go to the site with an non graphical web browser, it isn't pretty looking but it if you wanted it to look good you wouldn't be using a non graphical web browser anyway.

Can this be removed from Computer Programming group? You didn't program at all.

Both GIMP and NVU don't really count as Freeware. they are really OSS. And GIMP can do anything that photo shop can do, it just doesn't support PS plugins. I use both, and NVU is the best wysiwyg web editor I've used (and I've used both Frontpage and Dreamweaver)

I preference Dreamweaver to Nvu.

You're neglecting the fact that Dreamweaver is $400, as opposed to NVU's free. Of course, you get what you pay for (especially with GIMP. I would have recommended Of course, I'm one of those uber-nerds that codes in Notepad++, so I don't really have any experience with either DW or NVU, so I can't say with any conviction that the difference is as drastic as the difference between GIMP and Photoshop.

I get macromedia programs free from work so it makes no difference to me price wise, I'm

just looking at it in terms of how useful it is to me.

Nvu makes cleaner code, imo, than Dreamweaver, but they both kick the crap out of Frontpage; of course, so does notepad. also the OOS comment is more that OSS means a lot for than "hey it's free" At work we use quite bit of OSS and I'm the support guy who makes it work. Some of it makes my job much easier. Course Some of it makes it a bit harder, but thems the breaks. I'm also a graphics designer, and trust me, GIMP isn't nearly as watered down as some people make it out to be. It is, however, a whole diferent animal to PS. I use both. Couldn't do my job without them.

It's not that I think GIMP is watered down. I don't. I did find it to be a total usability nightmare, where nothing is intuitive, and figuring out how to do something takes far longer than actually doing it. I imagine it's largely a preference thing, but I just couldn't get anything done with it.

ah well it's close enough, the point is everyone gets what i mean, It's all free

This really doesn't say much about building a web site, unless you aready know how (<em>you</em> do, I do).<br/>Step 1 is essentially &quot;make some images&quot;<br/>Sept 2 amounts to &quot;use software&quot;<br/>Step 3 mostly says &quot;get an account with <strong>freewebs</strong><br/>Step 4 (I don't really know)<br/>It isn't hard to do, but this Instructable doesn't make it much easier than finding out for one's self.<br/>It would be good to explain a bit about the structure of a site, and what the software is doing, also a mention of domain reistration (yours was free, yes?)<br/><br/>And for the benefit of others: <a rel="nofollow" href=""></a><br/><br/>L<br/>

ummm. (form the 4th step)<br/><br/>*as an optional step if you got a name that was taken and had to put a 2 into your name go to here and register the name you want. <strong>even if it's taken on freewebs chances are it isn't taken <a rel="nofollow" href="">here</a>.</strong> &lt;that takes you to the page<br/><br/>and the fourth step is kinda hard to understand unless you register at freewebs and look at the menu while reading what i typed.<br/><br/>also i didn't mean this when i made it to show what was happening, when i was in like 7th grade, and i was trying to figure out how to make my first website. i didn't care how it worked i was content just having a website.<br/>

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