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Reminder: Please remember to vote!
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If you enjoy your experience on our server (like me), please please take the time to vote for our server!

Voting for our server not only promotes visibility of our server amongst others, it also ensures the long-term survival of our server for future people and current alike to enjoy the unique experience that PCB has to offer!

In addition, each vote you make for our server (on one of the four voting websites) will grant you $25, making it a total of $100 if you vote fully.

If you voted everyday for a week you'd have $700 by the end!

If you can afford the time and internet,

I implore you to please vote for our server and do your part to keep our server running at its best!

Posted by Wairoa at 11:50am

1.11 is Now Live!
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Greetings everyone! 1.11 (The Exploration Update ) is now ready!

It should be noted that death chests are not working at the moment. Be careful out there explorers! We'll update you guys when they are working as intended.

Posted by Piehole314 at 07:49am

  • Reserved server player slots
  • Coloured name
  • Donator website & in-game title


Receive instant in-game money, member rank and perks upon registering !

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