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How to Build

How to build a garden shed

A bit of copyright stuff I designed and drew up the plans for this basic storage shed in 2004. I first posted them online as a free plan on 26/June/04 in the BuildEazy (this) website. These plans (in fact, the whole article) are copyright protected. 'Free plans' means you are allowed to use them to make a shed. You may print or make copy of any part (or all) of this article including the plans for your personal use but you may not re-distribute or publish them (this content) in any form.

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How To Build A Garage Door

You just built your new garage and now you need to know how to build a garage door so you can close it off and keep your tools and car safe. By building your own garage door, you can design it just the way you want it and save money, too! It will give you a great feeling of accomplishment and pride. Tools and materials you will need: Saw Lumber Overhead garage door hangers Bolts Washers Wood glue Plywood Choose the type of garage door you want to build.

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how to build a garage

How to build a gaming computer

High-End Gaming PC Build Motherboard January 2015 High-End Gaming Build High-End Build Summary This high end custom gaming build shows is a good example of how to maximize gaming performance for a budget under $1500. With a build of this calibre you can expect a future-proof system capable of comfortably handling any game out right now even on high-ultra settings. Let's take a closer look at the important parts that make up this build and why they were chosen.

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How to build a floating dock

Materials List 6 pcs. Styrofoam billets, 20 inches wide, 9 or 10 inches thick, 8 foot long. These are standard billets made by Dow Chemical. 4 pcs. inch-and-a-half pipes, length to suit conditions 32 machine bolts (hex heads), 9/16 X 3 inches 32 nuts, 9/16 32 large washers for above bolts (5/8 washers work best) Some 4-inch galvanized spiral nails for framing. Don't use shorter or smooth nails Some 3-inch galvanized spiral nails for decking.

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Flat Roof Construction - How to Build a Flat Roof - Roofing Kits Design and Planning Advice

How are Flat Roofs Constructed? Rolled Steel Joists or RSJ's are used to support joists in flat roofs The basic construction of a flat roof is made up of roofing timbers, or joists as they are more commonly known or steels that are laid across two uprights (walls in most cases). The steels, or RSJ's (Rolled Steel Joists) are often built into one or both walls to give added stability to the roof structure.

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How to build a simple fish pond in your garden

1. Find something that holds water You can use a horse trough, a wine barrel, an old sink or bath tub, a classy plastic drop in, black plastic in a hole, cement or anything else you can think of. Some things to keep in mind: if you are putting in fish, make sure the container doesn't poison them. Fish can't tolerate much copper, so no copper fish ponds. They do seem to tolerate galvanized (zinc) coatings well.

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A water-through makes a good fish tank. The Raccoons ate everyone of these fish. Want to know how to cook Raccoon. - grid24_12

How to Build a Better Fire: Both Outdoors and In

Building a fire is one of those things that you might sort of know how to do, but don't really have to do it that often. Building a fire is actually quite simple, whether it's a campfire or a cozy one in your living room. Here's how to do it. What You'll Need: A safe place to build your fire. If you're outdoors, that means a fire pit away from trees and bushes. Indoors, that means a fireplace with a good grate, a screen that will keep sparks from flying out, and a working flue that you can open up to let smoke escape.

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how to build a fireplace

How to build a fence

Instructions Let posts set for 24 hours before continuing to build your fence. Cut your top and lower fence rail once the posts have set up. Then nail them 4 feet apart from each other. Tips & Warnings More Like This How to Build a Block Fence Above Three Feet How to Set Wood Posts in Wet Ground How to Build a Large Wooden Swing Gate With an Adjustable Wheel Attached You May Also Like "Minecraft" is a computer game in which you use the resources around you to create tools and build almost anything you can.

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How to Build a Dog Kennel

Impress your friends, and your doggy, with your mad hammer skills. A little planning and work will go a long way to make your dog castle the envy of the neighborhood dogdom. Does your dog sleep outside under the stars? Maybe its old house is crumbling to pieces. Well, you'll want to impress your friends and neighbors and most importantly, Fido, by getting your dog the best in designer doggy housing -- a custom built kennel made by you.

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how to build a dog kennel

How to build a dog house

Insulated Dog House Plan Click on image for larger view Material List: 2 x 6: 12' 2 x 4: 72' 1/4" exterior plywood: 4 sheets @ 4'x8' 1 1/2" Styrofoam Insulation: 2 sheets @ 4' x 8' 16 Penny framing nails, 2 1/2" and 1 1/4" deck screws, exterior caulk. Step 1, Build the Base: - Select the 1/4" Exterior Plywood; cut two sheet: 36" x 39". Select 2 x 4; cut 2 lengths @ 39"; cut 3 lengths @ 29".

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