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How to Build

How to Build a Wood Cupola

Skill saw Table saw Measuring tape Carpenter's square Screw gun Tin snips Putty knife (for roof tar) Cedar or pressure-treated lumber, 2 inches by 6 inches by 8 feet Cedar or pressure-treated lumber, 2 inches by 2 inches by 8 feet Stainless steel screws Metal roof flashing Caulking Roof tar sealant Plywood, 2 feet by 4 feet (1/2 sheet) Louvered vents Brick mold Regular and flat L-brackets Why not try building your very own wood cupola to add elegance and style to your home? Wood cupolas are usually placed on rooftops of barns or some garages.

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how to build a cupola

How to build a cubby house

A Cubby house ( Play house ) I was asked to build a cubby house for my grandchildren and along the way came across a few things that may be of interest to those contemplating a similar project. This has become my most viewed page and I did skimp on details when I wrote it so if you have any questions just click on the BACK TO MY INDEX link at the bottom of the page and look for the email link.

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How To Build A Conservatory Base

by admin on 29 April 2011 This post contains all the information you need for how to build a conservatory base for all shapes and sizes of conservatories. For this article, we have chosen to use the ConservaBase Steel Conservatory Base and Modular Wall System. Due to the simplicity and speed of its installation, this is the preferred choice for modern diy conservatory base construction. The system can be installed in one day by following the step by step instructions below.

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Full Height - How to build a Conservatory Base Construction with fascia

How to build a computer

Special message insert from Rob Now you can have my full assembly tutorial in printed format! The book contains the same information as the assembly web-pages. It has over 175 pictures, with many pictures enlarged for the book. The cost is less than any computer component, $29. 95. And no sales tax for most (sorry, New York and North Carolina). Shipping destinations include North America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific Rim.

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how to build a computer

How to build a compost bin

We host 266 Compost Bin Products. How to make compost There are several ways in which compost heaps can be made and various theories exist as to the way in which they should be treated. There are two important points which are essential for successful compost making and these are adequate drainage and aeration and sufficient moisture. A compost heap is a necessary feature in the average garden.

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how to build a compost bin

How to build a closet

Instructions Lay out the floor plan for the closet and measure its dimensions with a tape measure. Ideal reach-in closet dimensions are 6 to 8 feet wide and 24 to 30 inches deep. You may want to increase the depth if you're building on the top floor or in the attic and the wall slopes. Set the bottom plate in position on the floor and have a helper hold the top plate in its approximate position.

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How To Build a Fireplace Chimney

When buidling a fireplace in your home you will have to consider not only the visible hearth but also the fireplace chimney. This article will give you the steps to building a fireplace chimney. Building the Chimney The measurements of a chimney are at the minimum 4 inches bigger in all directions than the flue. Wood, kindling and other materials that may travel up the chimney must be at a minimum of 2 inches away from the outer part of the chimney.

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how to build a chimney

How to build a chicken house

The Ultimate Chicken Coop I originally designed 'The Ultimate Chicken Coop' for a monthly magazine called the 'New Zealand Lifestyle Block' - a practical small farm guide. The plans and step-by-step instructions were first published in the magazine - issue 13, on June 2005 (subject to me retaining all rights). Subsequently I published them in my (this) website as a free article (this article) and also in a printable PDF version as a $5 buy plan (free of ads and in clean copy).

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How to build a catapult

Instructions Dry the wood. Cut two big rubber bands to have two lengths of strong elastic material. Each of these lengths forms side-band of the catapult. Use smaller rubber bands to secure one end of the cut rubber band to an arm of the Y-shaped wood. Use multiple rubber bands to secure it properly. Do the same for other side of the catapult. More Like This Teaching Kids About Catapults How to Build a Plastic Model You May Also Like A catapult is a machine used to hurl objects.

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How to build a carport

Instructions The first thing that needs to be done is to figure out a square box to build the carport to, when your in square both corner to corner measurements are the same. Next figure out the height of the carport based on the needs of the car or trucking parking under it. Dig 6 holes one in each corner and one on both sides of the center in line with the corners on the long wall [20']. Mix the concrete then pour it into the holes in the ground leveling and bracing each post as you go.

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