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How to Build

How to Build a Bar

How to Build a Bar One of the appealing features of a nice home or apartment is a bar area. An appealing bar area enhances any interior, conveying class, sophistication and elegance. While bars are the perfect interior accessory for entertaining family and friends, they are also extremely practical for utilizing the space or corner that otherwise remain bare. While there are many professional bars for sale, if you prefer not to cough up thousands of dollars, you can easily build a bar yourself.

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how to build a bar

How to build

This is a tiny replica of the massive siege engines that were used to tear down castle walls in the Middle Ages. You can make one of these catapults with just a few pieces of wood and a little bit of know how. I will guide you through the whole process. There are lots of different ways to power up a catapult and the way I show you in this tutorial is probably the easiest - you need just a rubber band or two.

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How Much Does It Cost to Build a House

Building a house is one of the most important events in the life of a human being. Many are the times when one will sit and ask, how much does it cost to build a house? There are several factors to be considered when one is estimating the cost of their house. Not all houses cost the same and this greatly differs especially when it comes to the standard and the sizes of the houses. Different building styles may also make the cost higher or lower according to the plan.

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How much to build a house

Costs of Home Building Home building costs relate to a home's size, materials, features and location. Depending on budget, typically the amount of credit your lender has determined you can afford, you may need to adjust your home's plans accordingly. The National Association of Realtors says the average cost to build a U. S. home was $246,453 as of 2013. Home building costs, though, vary substantially depending on the size and location of the house as well as the general health of the housing market.

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how much to build a house

Build a Parking Garage Cost

How much does it cost to build the average parking garage? There are many variables to such a project, and dominant issue is size. The Means CostWorks site places the average parking garage at 145,000 square feet. This is assuming a five-story construction with each story measuring in at ten feet in height. The building of parking garage requires a knowledgeable contractor, an architect or an architectural firm, a team of subcontractors, and a cooperative developer/owner to get the job done in a reasonable time frame.

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how much to build a garage

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