Skills You Will Develop With A Teaching Degree

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An education degree is made up of a mix of class room lectures and school based placements. Within the lectures you will learn to become a bit of an all-rounder in terms of your knowledge. Whilst studying to teach at a secondary school means you focus on one or two main subject areas, learning to be a primary school teach means you need to know a little on each subject area.  The subject areas you are expected to cover within the degree include:

  • · Mathematics
  • · Science
  • · Art and Design
  • · ICT
  • · English
  • · Geography and Citizenship
  • · History Education
  • · Physical Education

 How Long is a Primary Education Degree

The degree is normally 3 or 4 years long full time. This is split between time in the classroom and enforcing your learning within schools.

What are the entry requirements for an Education Degree?

The entry requirements vary depending on the university but as

a guide you are required to have somewhere in the region of 280 – 300 UCAS points. This post explains what qualifications and grades are required.

Skills You Will Learn With a Teaching Degree

An education degree will give you the knowledge you need to go into the classroom with confidence. You will also learn skills that are going to be invaluable to your career.  Some of these skills include self reliance, time management, the ability to evaluate and understand new concepts and problem solving. These new skills will make you highly valuable to your employer.

Learn effective communication skills.

Both oral and written communications are extremely important skills. You will learn how to communicate with your students effectively so that they are able to learn the information you teach. This skill will also be important to you because you will be able to communicate with other staff and your superiors which will allow you to work better as a part of the education team.

Learn how to take initiative

Learn how to be creative

Time management skills

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