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wall stucco

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Repair a Structural Stress Cracks on a stucco wall, stucco Guru

Hi guys, in this video I explain the step by step preparation and the techniques I used to repair this structural stress crack. Its where the concrete foundation meets the wood frame home. There are a lot of ways to repair this wall including removing all the stucco and starting from scratch, which I explained to the owners. However, I was at this residence and happen to have this material

on hand, so I offered to repair this crack at no cost using the method I describe here. Which would you prefer if you were the home owner (tear the whole wall apart and start from scratch at a cost) or the free fix? Things that make you go hummmm. I believe the best way would have been to install a vertical expansion joint at the exact area where the concrete meets the wood, when this stucco was originally installed, but as usually on some things in the construction trades key insights are not always know until later, such is life.

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