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To achieve experience and gain confidence which enables students to plaster to the required standards. Our Assessors/ Instructors will teach you as much as is feasibly possible within the 5 days.

Suitable for: This course is open to all Indivivuals who wish to aquire something different in life, and wish to get some form of training / experience under their belt which will enable them to achieve plastering.

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Course programme

Life size rooms (up to 18 foot long walls) in the best plastering training centre gives you the edge Prior to the practical course you receive upon deposit the following training material,

  • Part 1 DVD or VHS training film on solid plastering
  • Part 2 DVD or VHS training film on solid plastering
  • Part 1 DVD Perfect skimming techniques
  • Plasterers Training manual (download free)
  • The examination papers
  • Certification upon passing
  • You can choose which format you require ie DVD or VHS as you place your booking you will be given the choice. if you are a previous customer and have already purchased the films please inform us, the cost will be deducted from the price of the course You should download & study the training manual FREE from Members Login Book securely online or use the cheque order form here Booking deposit £100.00 balance payable on start of course either cheque or cash.
  • Plastering Course content Monday - Friday Feel free to ask the instructors any questions at any time during or after the course regarding plastering, damp work, external work etc
  • Monday: plasterboard your ceiling in your allocated room, learn how to cut and fix boards correctly, then scrim tape the joins, cut and fix angle beads to windows and returns, 2 coat skim the ceiling using the typewriter method and following the procedure for cutting back etc
  • Tuesday: float all the walls as a backing coat, the use of scratch coats and screeds to be used as well as free rule, flat render, Dry lining dot and dab (direct bond)
  • Wednesday: 2 coat skim the walls flat and smooth using the correct procedure from your starting point, change rooms and carry out repairs to ceilings and walls
  • Thursday: this is your new room that you will have to complete in one day re bead the windows and external corners re-skimming the ceilings and walls to a high standard, you have the option to reskim over curved (barrel) ceilings also if required, you will also finish externals with and without beads, you will also carry out a glue float and set using bonding
Skimming over Artex ceilings.
  • Friday: coving out the rooms using various tools for internal external and

    offset angles plus a demo on running cornice, finish the rooms off completely with the floor screeding to our set FFL After the course has been completed you are given after care support with the use of the Plasterers Forums.

    Our Training Centre of Excellence is not uniformed, not symetrical. Why would it be. In the real world it doesn't work that way, so it's best to have the problems to solve here so that when you leave us, you will find it easier to approach certain scenarios and feel confident and competent.


    • Name six backgrounds that Thistle Bonding can be applied over?
    • Name 2 backgrounds that Thistle Hardwall can be applied and why?
    • What is shelling and how do you overcome it?
    • Why shouldn't you PVA float work?
    • What is the Trowel Float Trowel method, and where would you use it?
    • How do you hold off plaster to tackle those bigger areas? Why not ask your course provider the answers before booking onto your course.
    • Difference between qualities of sand that can have an adverse effect to rendering?
    • Why apply scratch coats, name the various mixes to all substrates?
    • Variants of backing plasters and its usages?
    • Understanding the gauge of plaster mixes?
    • Differences between Mutli Finish and Board Finish, and what substrates it can cover?

    These are just some of the questions that you will learn the answers to here at Goldtrowel, unlike other providers that would not necessary know the answers.

    Feel free to ask the instructors any questions at any time during or after the course regarding plastering, damp work, external work etc

    You will learn the correct gauge of all materials to be used. Learn all correct ratios of sand and cement mixes to all backgrounds whilst on our plastering training courses.

    Why not book on our City & Guilds 6217-04 Solid Plastering Course all 15 Units of accreditation, no other provider offers what Capital Goldtrowel can offer and deliver for such a good price.

    Here are some Frequently asked Questions which will give you Information Advice and Guidance.

    Pre-Course Study Guide & After-Care Support:

    You will receive 3 DVDs and will be asked to complete a written examination which is to be handed in on your arrival. You will have access to all our training manuals and upon completion we will register you into our Plasterers Forum giving you the confidence once you have left our Centre. You will also be given a Freephone telephone number to call us if you ever need advice and guidance on any matter when your out on a job. We also sell tools and materials to all our students having it delivered to your door step on a 'next day delivery' service. This package is unique to Capital Goldtrowel students; you will find this offer no where else.

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