The Advantages of Machine Plastering for your project:

The benefits to be gained really are significant. The method of application is at least three times faster than that of application with a hawk and trowel. This is regardless of what material you apply. Many companies also find that they can produce much more ‘quality’ work on the basis that they have a lot more time to work with the material on the wall as opposed to before. Because application with a plastering machine is that much faster

Traditional manual plastering requires the continual movement of the material, both prior to and after mixing. Normally this requires either a large number of employees or a relating small area being completed per day. Constantly changing locations also means continual movement of materials and clean-up of the previous locations. Also when manually mixing material, the final product may not be as consistent as desired. These inefficiencies eventually cost you time and time = money

Manual Plastering can leads to wall cracking and if this is an external application that means leaking as this method is unable to entirely penetrate gaps and spaces in brick walls.

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The Spray Plastering Machine only requires a maximum of four workers for set up and operation. Our machine allows for operation at a number of locations while construction materials remain at one location. This also allows for more centralised, easier storage of materials, less movement and set up, more consistent mixture and orderly construction sites. Therefore, it saves time and substantially cuts cost by reducing manpower, and the amount of materials wasted.

Our machines are designed with sufficient power to be pumped and sprayed up to 40 meters combined with well designed spray gun that allows for smooth operation, without recoil and jerking actions, and enable cement to be applied evenly, penetrating gaps and spaces.                                                                                                                               click on plaster to see how it works

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