Change the Look of Your Home’s Exterior by Applying Stucco

You can completely change the look of your home exterior, by applying exterior Stucco. This is a great way to improve the unsatisfying look of your home’s exterior. It is attractive, long lasting, and you never have to paint it. But, what is Stucco? Stucco is a fine plaster or cement that is commonly used as a wall covering or simply for decoration. It is made from a mixture of sand, lime and water, and it is a valuable exterior building material because of its durability and aesthetic appeal.

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Types of Stucco

Adhesive plaster

NEWSROOM RESECURING LOOSE WALL OR CEILING PLASTER PART 1---GENERAL 1. 01 SUMMARY     A.   This procedure includes guidance on resecuring loose          plaster by injecting adhesive behind the loose plaster          and securing it with plaster washers.     B.   Plaster is in need of resecuring when sound plaster has          lost its keys and is floating away from the lath or when          the plaster and lath are no longer attached to stud or          joist.

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adhesive plaster

Stucco / Acrylic / Eifs

Builder’s Stone KC  offers other high-quality projects, including stucco , acrylic stucco  and EIFS. Stucco Simply put, stucco  is just cement combined with other ingredients like sand or lime. Stucco creates a rock hard shell that ultimately keeps all the moisture out, which ensures long-lasting durability. This process has actually been around since the Renaissance era because of the strength and long lasting durability that it provides.

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acrylic stucco

Acoustical plaster

Acoustement Plaster 40 Decorative/Acoustical Surfacing Material Product Data 1. Description Pyrok Acoustement Plaster 40 is a 40 PCF (air-dried density) gypsum plaster/exfoliated vermiculite spray-applied formulation 100% free from asbestos, mineral fiber polystyrene and cellulose. Pyrok Acoustement Plaster 40 is highly abuse resistant (impact, abrasion) and allows substrates to breathe, and can be readily cleaned by a variety of methods.

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acoustical plaster

Acoustic plaster board

Product Details Size:  See chart below. Density:  12. 5mm 11. 5kg/m2  -  15mm 13. 75kg/m2 High density Acoustic Plasterboard cladding for soundproofed stud walls and soundproofed ceilings to reduce airborne noise from Sound Service (Oxford) Ltd. Due to its extra high mass, Acoustic Plasterboard is a far better acoustic panel as part of any acoustic control for walls and ceilings and should always be used when soundproofing these structures.

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acoustic plaster board


Problem Acousticians have long sought a field-applied, smooth, seamless, interior, absorptive finishing system with the appearance of painted drywall or plaster, to satisfy the aesthetic requirements of architects and clients. Solution RPG Europe is now offering a new patented, field-applied, seamless system that combines exceptional absorption and a strikingly beautiful appearance with integral colouring and cleaning possibilities.

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