Architectural roof shingles

Share with friends Standard asphalt and fiberglass shingles are the most common roofing materials used on residential homes. Architectural roof shingles are thicker asphalt shingles designed to look like slate, cedar, clay tile and other natural materials. Using architectural roof shingles is less expensive than using natural roofing materials, but more expensive than regular asphalt/fiberglass shingles.

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architectural roof shingles

Aluminum Roofing Shingles

Aluminum roofing has been a common roofing material for industrial and agricultural buildings for some time. However, until recently, aluminum was not considered an alternative roofing material for residential areas. Aluminum shingles are light-weight, durable and highly energy efficient. These shingles are now being made to resemble cedar shakes, slate and clay tiles. Aluminum roofs can be installed directly over asphalt or shake roofs.

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aluminum roofing shingles


Our residential metal roofing using four way interlocking aluminum shingles is design and engineered to simplify your life with a maintenance free aluminum roof! Aluminum shingles provide durability Aluminum roofing maintains it's attractive appearance Residential metal roofing provides lasting value Our residential metal roofing products are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, and reward their owners with years of maintenance-free service.

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aluminum roofing

Aluminum roof

Metal Roofing & Metal Roof Repair Products Welcome! We have a full line of products and tools for all types of metal roofs, metal roof restorations. metal roof installation and metal roof repairs. Our metal roof products are specially designed for both commercial metal roof and residential metal roof applications. We have all types of painted screws to match metal roof and siding colors. And you'll love our low shipping cost & efficient problem-free delivery.

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How to Calculate or Estimate Longspan aluminium roofing sheets. Refer to old articles of aluminium roofing sheets, they come in rolls of average of 600mm to 1300mm depends on the manufacture and specifications. As stated in previous articles, the aluminium sheets comes in rolls at the factory just like toilet rolls but with different widths and thickness based on specifications. Calculating the roof required could be done by calculating the surface area in square meters of the area covered by the aluminium and for some companies it could be calculated in meter lengths ,knowing the width which is 600mm above as constant.

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aluminium roofing sheets

New Construction Roofing Services

About Alpine Roofing of Northern Colorado Inc. Thank you for visiting the webpage of Alpine Roofing of Northern Colorado Inc. a roofing company based in New Construction area. We are open to any questions you may have about the New Construction roofing products and services that Alpine Roofing of Northern Colorado Inc. provides. Alpine Roofing of Northern Colorado Inc. has been established in the New Construction roofing sector for several years as the perennial leader of roofing materials and workmanship.

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All metal roofing

McCarthy Metal Roofing | North Carolina’s Premier Metal Roofing Company “Beautiful, Permanent Metal Roofing… Custom Crafted One Roof at a Time” If you are looking for a permanent roofing solution, you have come to the right place. Our beautiful, energy-efficient metal roofs are installed throughout North Carolina, protecting the homes and businesses of many satisfied customers.

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all metal roofing

AHI - Alex Harvey Industry Limited - History - 5th Sep 2013

Over time OFS will reflect on companies attached to the office industry. A journey to share knowledge while respecting our past to the present of a great New Zealand workforce. When OFS install, alter or brace office furniture we come into contact with products that are before our time in the industry and we start to research a little. Office Furniture Specialists Limited is taking an historical interest in AHI (Alex Harvey Industries).

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Affordable roofing

Request an Estimate OVERSTOCK SALE GET A FREE ROOFING ESTIMATE FOR TAMPA AREA HOMES From time to time we are able to offer an “overstock sale” on selected shingles from GAF and other manufacturers. Limited to in stock products Two colors to choose from 100% financing to qualified homeowners Warranty for up to 130 MPH winds Special pricing for initial presentation only Or call us at (813) 400-2515.

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Advanced Roofing is a commercial and residential roofing company. We are committed to quality and excellence from bidding to finish. Our team consists of a group of trained and knowledgeable professionals that work together to complete the job. One that we are proud of. We are a family owned and run business out of Oakdale. CA. Bill, our owner, has been roofing since 1996 and he began his own business in 2003.

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