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Heat Wave™ Portable Electric Heater

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Heat Wave™ Portable Electric Salamander

The odorless, flameless electric alternative to propane and kerosene space heaters

Heat Wave Salamanders provide the climate control you need for interior jobs, without the threat of poisoning from combustion by-products or the time wasted in refueling and fuel storage. Use for facilities maintenance, construction sites, home construction, temporary office heat, assists in drying.

Unlike fuel-fired heaters a Heat Wave can be left unattended. The built-in safety features include a continuously variable thermostat and hi-temperature cut-out switch coupled to an auto-reset. Both help to prevent accidents. Since the Heat Wave is powered by electricity it is very quiet and also maintenance free.

Operation is simple. The Heat Wave's 800 CFM (111 CFM, 30kW Models) fan pushes ambient air over multiple heat coils, recirculating air within the room until it reaches the temperature level set with

the unit's thermostat. The thermostat adjusts from 40° to 100° F. All units can also be switched to fan-only operation. Safety screens cover each end of the heat drum. Additional industrial grade components are: long-life finned tubular heating elements, motor, fan assembly and magnetic contactor.

  • Safety yellow heater enclosure with safety screens on both air intake and output openings
  • Optional 25' long SO type cord, ready for plug attachment is available for each model
  • Long-life finned tubular heating elements
  • Thermostat adjustment 40° to 100° F
  • High-limit thermal cutout switch
  • CFM Ratings:
    • 800 CFM - 10/15kW Units
    • 1100 CFM - 30kW units
    • Magnetic contactor
    • Fan only operation feature
    • 10" Industrial heavy duty wheels will never go flat

Average Minutes to Achieve Temperature Rise*

Source: www.rewci.com
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