Ultimate Air vs. Zehnder HRV

zehnder ventilation

I recall seeing in the comments for the article discussing a new way to duct hrv's that one of the Zehnder reps was disparaging the Stirling Technologies Recoupaerator 200dx for having something to the effect of misleading, incorrect, etc. performance numbers and that it does not stack up to Zehnders products. I was wondering if that rep and anyone else could clarify why the Zehnder product would be better than the 200dx and how they differ in function? The cost of

the 200dx is significantly less.

Also the last time I checked the Zehnder numbers for their HRV's were all in Metric units. What do their units draw in Watts?

I have been recommending both companies and I was curious what the differences are besides cost?

Also the Zehnder comfotube system should be compatible with any hrv correct?



Asked by Spencer Burnfield

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