Air brick ventilation

WHY VENTILATION Advances in building construction techniques have led to a structure which is significantly more energy efficient and air-tight than in years past. As a result, moisture is no longer allowed to migrate freely throughout the building envelope. Trapped moisture in masonry construction, if not addressed, can lead to problems such as spalling, efflorescence, mold, and deterioration of the building components.

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Aereco ventilation

Humidity sensitive ventilation Invented in 1984 by Aereco, humidity sensitive ventilation systems automatically adjust airflow depending on the room humidity, without electricity. Working of the humidity sensitive ventilation Aereco humidity sensitive ventilation systems are principally based upon the modulation of airflow, through air inlets and extract units, using an ingenious mechanical sensor which (without electricity) directly drives the shutter set in the air stream.

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Acoustic ventilation systems

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acoustic ventilation systems

How Acoustic Ventilation Works

One of the biggest arguments against ventilation systems in the home involves the high cost of energy bills. As the purpose of ventilation systems is to constantly remove air from the home and replace it with new air from outside, opponents argue that increased ventilation will lead to higher heating and cooling bills. To combat this phenomenon, homeowners can utilize a heat recovery ventilator. While more expensive than traditional ventilators, these systems help keep expensive heat from escaping the home, saving the environment while keeping energy bills in check.

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acoustic ventilation

12v ventilation fan

Comment September 19th, 2011, 14:52 PDT Re: Most efficient 12V DC fans? I second the recommendation of 250mm computer case fans. They run very slow, almost like a ceiling fan, and move a good amount of air with barely noticeable noise. Comment October 28th, 2011, 8:59 PDT Re: Most efficient 12V DC fans? I used a Wal-Mart camping fan as an attic fan. It DOES work well, but it produces a fair amount of RF noise.

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