Huber's Zip System R Sheathing

zip wall systems

I just head a long conversation with the Tech Advisors at Huber, the maker of the Zip Panel Systems. They’ve come out with a the Zip System R Sheathing which incorporates the Zip panel with 1/2” (R3.6) or 1” (R6.6) Polyiso installed between the OSB and the stud in one application (see pic#1); available only in TX and PA, but it’ll be soon everywhere else later. It’s a great application and solution for thermal bridging with less labor costs; however, it does come with some issues that must be address by the designer, builder and framer.

1. They

are working on the testing and certification of this panel for structural uplift and shear, and they expect to have that done in the next six months or so.

3. If you are doing advanced framing techniques: a. two stud corners require additional stud on the out wall to be able to nail the next panel.

So, in case you are able to use this panel, be aware that you must address these other points. Their files are pretty big to upload, but you can get them by calling their Tech Advisors at 800.933.9220

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