Zwave wall switch

zwave wall switch

Turn your home into a smart home quickly, easily and affordably using wireless technology.

1. Select a Controller - This will form the hub of your smart home network and talk to your smart phone or tablet

2. Select the Interfaces you require - Depending on controller, you may need a Z-Wave interface, or maybe you want an Infrared interface to control your TV, Sky Box, etc.

3. Select the Plug-ins you require - These plug-in to power points and enable you to switch appliances on and off and dim lamps up and down

4. Select the Switch and Dimmer Modules you require - These typically fit behind or replace existing light switches and enable you to control your lighting

5. Select the Radiator or Wall Thermostats you require - These replace existing radiator or wall thermostats and enable you to control your heating

6. Select the Network Cameras you require - These will enable you to view your interaction with your

home both locally and remotely

7. Consider replacing your Alarm or simply add-on Sensors - This will enable you to control your alarm or monitor many aspects of your home

8. Consider replacing your Blinds or Curtains - This will enable you to control your blinds or curtains

9. Get Creative - Now you have a smart home, make it work for you, tell it to turn off lights and appliances when not in use and save you money, get it to raise / lower blinds and open / close curtains at certain times of the day so you don't have to, get it to alert you if sensors are triggered and email you photos if cameras sense movement, put away all those remote controls and use your smart phone or tablet to do everything, turn on the TV, change channels on your Sky box, the possibilities are endless.

Take control of all aspects of your home with your smart phone, tablet or pc today.

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