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The casement window is not widely seen until the start of the Edwardian period, circa 1890 onwards. From then on there was an explosion of different designs, glazing and construction. Glazing directly into the frame, internal & external glazing bead, fixed glazed sashes into a casement frame, stained glass, protruding bays, and many more design variations were used.

The shear variety of different types of casement window naturally makes the restoration process more difficult, particularly when replacing rotten timber as nearly every window has it’s own unique profile. Furthermore, the relatively low numbers of surviving period Casement windows vs Sash windows has meant the necessary skills required for the faithful restoration of casement windows have largely been forgotten.

At joinery we have now worked on several Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian casement window restoration projects. We have even restored some particularly fine examples of 1930s/1940s windows and we believe we’ve perfected the process. Our experienced team of restoration joiners will be able to advise you on the best solution for each different window, no job is too small and no job is too big.

In addition to restoring the full operation of all opening casement sashes, we also fully draught proof the windows,

repair external pointing and putty, and can even double glaze them. There are several reasons why refurbishing, and potentially double glazing, your existing casement windows is preferential to complete window replacement:

  • Maintaining and restoring original features will add value to a property
  • All surrounding internal architrave, window board, box lining and associated panelling can be fully retained
  • Refurbishment of your existing windows costs less than a complete replacement. Even when compared with UPVC
  • In most cases, refurbishment will minimise surrounding plaster damage and avoid the need for internal redecoration
  • Double glazed refurbished casement windows can be fully 2011 building regulations compliant
  • Refurbished casement windows are FENSA registered and guaranteed for 5 years with the option to insurance back
  • Double glazed casement window refurbishment is permissable in most conservation areas and with some listed buildings

The possibility of having fully 2011 building regs compliant windows that look near identical to the properties original windows means you can have the best of both worlds – an original period look WITH the efficiency and functionality of new modern windows.

Modern Casement Windows & Mock Sash Casement Windows

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