4 Quirky Things You Can Witness in Indian Trains Only


If you ever notice things while you travel by Indian trains, there are certain things that you experience in Indian trains only.  There is a lot to cater if you are ready to experience. The land of India has myriad of things for you to witness and experience. And the most interesting thing is that you can experience the utmost of India by trains.

Mostly the buses and cars go by road and planes fly in the air, but these are the trains that take you from the mid and Backyards of the cities and regions. You get to know about so many areas that you would never explore unless you travel by train. Anyhow, following are four quirky things you must check out while travelling by Indian Railways:

Undulating sites

Ah, the sites you come across when you travel by a train absolutely fill you with wonder. Depending on the route of your train, you can come across diverse mountains, hills, fields, rivers, tunnels, bridges and much more. You would get to see forests and even experience people doing different activities. These sites would give you a rich experience for sure.  Mostly the sites you would come across are not going to be the general ones!

The talks and words

Yes, you can hear so many people talking on so many different topics. Generally the buses and planes don’t carry as many conversations as trains do. Since trains are often about long journeys, the passengers build up their relations with the fellow passengers and talk to them.  If you are an explorer then you can get to know about many new avenues in the talks of people. Passengers speak about politics, sports, entertainment and so on.

Diversity in passengers

The diversity in cultures, religions, castes, looks, dressing and other things is immense in the realm of trains. You can come across people who look different, wear different and belong to different backgrounds. All this leads to richness and diversity. Such type of diversity can be experienced only in India and you can experience it through trains only. After all, people belonging to different places board the train and hence the train compartments are like mixture of people!

The extensive Food

You can make the most of Train food Service or the e-catering services in Indian railways in the present time. There is no need to carry along the food and eat it cold the next day when you can get fresh, hot and tasty food in the train. Come on, these days you just have to order the food in your train and the food gets delivered to you on the next station approaching.

The other side of this is that the food you get to experience is different and new to you. It is because the food you get to taste is the speciality of the specific region. You know India is a huge country and have states, cities, regions and small areas too right? You can make sure that you receive the speciality of that area on your plate.


Thus, since you know it now about these quirky things to experience in Indian railways. Next time you go by train, keep these in mind.

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