Roger Wolfson – Being Kind to Animals and Rescuing Them from Cruelty


Animals deserve the same love, care, and kindness as humans on this planet. Unfortunately, not everyone is on the same page with this thought. There are innumerable instances where animals are killed, tortured mindlessly for entertainment or pleasure. Since they have no voice, responsible humans must put an immediate stop to this injustice and protect the rights of animals across the world.

Roger Wolfson – Every animal should be protected

Roger Wolfson is a famous TV writer, scriptwriter, and speechwriter. He is an activist when it comes to animal rights and is an attorney in Civil Rights in the USA. He has served as a counsel and political speechwriter for US Senators like John Kerry, Paul Wellstone, Ted Kennedy, and Joe Liebermann. He says that if you take a look across the world, you will find millions of animals subjected to cruelty by humans daily. This surely needs to stop, and laws must be created to punish the offenders for deterring others from carrying out the same. 

For instance, you can take the case of wild animals today. Animals live in their own world, and they do not bother humans. The wild animals live in jungles as that is their natural habitat. The problem arises when humans intervene with these jungles, and the process of deforestation takes place. The natural land is converted into a zone for humans, and the poor animals that used to live in the jungle lose their habitat. Obviously, they will hunt for food, which might bring them to your home if you stay near this jungle. They have not come with the intention to harm you. You have wandered off to find food. They do not deserve to be killed for no fault of theirs.

More laws are needed

Though there are laws for the protection of animals, more is needed. Most individuals are not even aware of these laws, and so it is here that awareness needs to be spread extensively. It is here that animal activists should take up the cause and ask people to be kind to animals. Kids, too, should be taught to be kind to animals. If a child starts young, he/she will learn the practical meaning of kindness and compassion. These are humane qualities that need for a happy life. Animals are the best companions to teach them as they are innocent, do not have any intention to cause harm, and are happy to be with humans who love them.

As per Roger Wolfson you do not have to become a full-time animal activist to start your cause of keeping animals safe. You can even start with small deeds. You can give them food and water. If you have space at home, you can always rescue a mistreated animal and take it home if permitted by your state’s laws. You can help an animal heal by caring and looking after it well. In short, small random acts of kindness towards animals create a powerful impact to change with success!

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