The Best Long Code SMS Service Provider: Walkover Web Solutions


There are numerous firms are available when it comes to looking for promotions. Some of these firms provide promotions on online platforms only and some provide offline as well. Therefore, it is necessary to consider which one we are looking for.

Walkover web solutions are one of those firms which are available with every kind of modification required in this particular field. Recently it has been reported that the demand for long code SMS service providers is increasing rapidly.

The reason behind this increasing demand is the number associated with these SMS. There is no need for the provider to attach any specific number to it. You can also conclude that the SMS has been sent by a virtual number or a very long number. There is no need to switch to numbers again and again.

Walkover web solutions are one of the best long code service providers in India. The reason being is the services available with them. When it comes to knowing about long code service providers there are numerous of things that strike our mind. But we cannot get a clear answer to our requirements. To resolve the same issue we look for numerous options available then go for a specific firm.

This firm is considered to be best in case of long code service providers in India because of the under mentioned features associated with these numbers. Such as:

  • The reporting must be done in real time.
  • To view the responses if any, control panel is available.
  • Editing must be offered in real time.
  • Welcome messages can be customized accordingly.
  • An option is also available for URL forwarding.
  • The charges must be the same as normal messages.
  • These services must be user-friendly as well.
  • These must get added to the address book of the phone.

Walkover Web Solutions offered you everything associated with it. There are some advantages of using long SMS code, these are:

  • These are present at a low price.
  • In long code formats, keywords are also available.
  • It offers 2-way communication.
  • It allows the audience to reply if required.
  • The pricing is cheap at the end of the customer as well.

These advantages are must to consider when the bit comes to choose a particular service for a firm. Then what are you waiting for?

Just visit and get yourself equipped with the latest technology available. On this website, you will get to know about all the services available with a walk over web solutions. There is no need for you to switch to multiple platforms when it comes to going for a particular service.

Also on the online platform purchasing option is also available. Once all the queries are resolved, you can easily purchase these for your firm.

Moreover, the procedure you are supposed to follow is also mentioned here. Therefore, if you are confused about, what to do and how to do, then also there is nothing for you to worry about. Just follow the steps mentioned there. In no time your issues will be resolved.

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