The Details and Rules for the Lotto DLB Lagna Wasana

The Details and Rules for the Lotto DLB Lagna Wasana


The DLB (Development Lotteries Board) is known to hold weekly multiple lotteries in Sri Lank, each with different entry feed, total jackpot amount and name. Every week, the official website of DLB posts winning numbers of different lotteries. One such popularly availed lottery in the country is Lagna Wasana. The game is filled with immense fun and also quite exciting with its numerical and zodiac component.

About dlb lagna wasana

Similar to other DLB games, it is available daily and also affordable, while producing promising rewards. It was Sandawrdana Wasana who had initially launched this game. After some time, it got renamed. On 9th October 1998, its initial drawing took place. It is considered to be DLB’s second one to broadcast and televise its game live nationally.

Safe & legitimate

This game is completely legitimate. DLB is considered to be a national entity with legal authority to hold and organize lotteries and announce results to winners. Spread across the country is several authorized retail venues, thus allowing every aspirant to visit and get hold of a ticket.

How does dlb lagna wasana work?

Drawings originally took place twice a week, on Thursdays & Mondays. Its increasing popularity compelled the organizers to conduct daily drawings. Moreover, modifications were introduced in the game rules to introduce zodiac symbol component.

It was in August 2019 that daily drawings and latest regulations were introduced and are quite successful. You need to perform two things to participate in this game. To begin, choose 4 numbers from 1-62 including any of the twelve zodiac signs in the form of additional symbol mentioned in the ticket that are sold through authorized retail agencies.

You need to decide whether to choose DLB software generated random ticket or play your numbers. To purchase the ticket, you are to adhere to the set rules and regulations. No restrictions are present with regards to player nationality. Although not Sri Lankan resident, but legal citizen in the country, then you are allowed to purchase the tickets. Online ticket purchases are not offered at the moment, since web based international lottery operators do not support Sri Lankan lotteries. Hence, the ticket needs to be purchased in person only.

Payouts & prizes

Winning the jackpot however is not an easy task to accomplish. All 4 numbers including the zodiac sign is to match for respective drawing to win the jackpot that is held every day with a reward of Sri Lankan Rupees 2 million.

8 other prize tiers are offered besides the jackpot. 2nd biggest prize is offered to those matching 4 main numbers and the prize amount is 500,000 Rupees. If 3 of main numbers along with zodiac sign matches, then you can win 10,000 Rupees. 20 Rupees is however, the lowest prized offered, for which you are to match any one main number. With daily drawings being introduced in 2019, also was introduced additional drawings to come up with special prizes to make the game seem more interesting. One such additional game with 1,000 amazing prizes!

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