A to z claims guide for the seller


In order to assure a uniform shopping experience across the Amazon store, the Amazon A-to-z Guarantee was implemented in 2012. The Amazon a to z claim covers both timely delivery and the condition of things once received for orders that are directly fulfilled by our merchants. Everyone benefits from resolving issues with a consumer directly rather than through a third-party intermediary, such as an insurance company. Your Order Defect Rate will be lower if you resolve concerns directly with the consumer.

Before submitting an A-to-z Guarantee claim

Customers must first get in touch with you and give you a chance to remedy their issue before you can proceed further. Customers must first contact you in order to file an Amazon a to z claim. In the following circumstances, a customer might get in touch with you:

Items not received by customer: Unless the consumer falls under the category of “Instant Customer Refunds,” Amazon will direct them to use Buyer-Seller Messages to notify you of any delivery issues they may be experiencing.

  • When a consumer has a problem with the item’s condition, Amazon refers them to the Return Request to notify you of the problem.
  • After that, you have 48 hours to address the concerns made by the consumer by taking the following action(s):

It is your obligation to react to a customer’s message in the Buyer-Seller Messages section of the site within 48 hours of the customer’s initial message being sent in order to rectify the situation. Customers may file a claim beyond this 48-hour timeframe if you have not resolved their problem to their complete satisfaction within that time period.

The product does not meet the customer’s needs: You have 48 hours to approve a return request if the consumer has made one. The consumer will be able to file a claim if you do not approve the return request within the 48-hour window. Manage returns is where you can keep track of all of your return requests. On the return connected with the order that the client has contacted you about, select ‘Authorize request’. The consumer has the right to make a claim if you do not approve the return request within 48 hours.

A-to-Z Claim on Amazon: What You Need to Know.

If a consumer believes there is an issue with an item they purchased from a seller on Amazon, the buyer can seek a refund using the A-to-Z guarantee. They must locate the issue order under the Orders on Amazon section, choose your problem from the list, provide any additional remarks, and then make an AZ claim asking a refund on the item. Amazon maintains the right to consider requests for up to one week. The consumer may check the progress of their request to discover if their Amazon A-to-Z claim has been handled, how long it will take to complete it, and what the current status is.

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