Are you suffering from acne, you should take Retin-A Micros


Retin-A Micro (tretinoin gel) microspheres, 0.1% and 0.04%, are indicated in the treatment of acne vulgaris for topical use. The safety and efficacy of using this product have not been established in the treatment of other disorders.

This medicine is used to treat acne. That can reduce the number and severity of acne pimples and promotes quick treatment of pimples that develop. Tretinoin is a drug class known as retinoids. It acts by affecting the growth of skin cells.

Using Retin-A Micro (tretinoin gel) microsphere, 0.1% and .04%, once a day, in the evening, to lightly cover the entire affected area on the skin where acne lesions appear. The application of excessive amounts of gel can result in “caking” of the gel, and will not provide incremental efficacy.

How to use Retin-A Micro Gel

If one of your pharmacists is available, read the patient information sheet. If you have any problems, consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Before using this medicine, wash your hands. Gently clean the affected skin with a mild or soap-free cleanser and pat dry. Use your fingertip to apply a small amount of medicine in a thin layer (about the size of a pea), usually once a day, or as directed by your doctor. It is possible to use mist pads or cotton swab to apply the liquid. After washing your face before applying for this medicine, you will wait 20-30 minutes for some preparation if you have any questions, label instructions, patient information leaflets, or consult your pharmacist.

Use Retin-A Micro medicine only on your skin. Do not apply on the inner lip or nose/mouth area. Do not apply to skin that is affected by biting, scraping, sunburning, or eczema.

Avoid taking this medicine in your eyes if this medicine goes into your eyes, flush with large amounts of water. Call your doctor if you have eye irritation. Wash your hands after using the Retin-A Micro to avoid accidentally going into the eyes.

During the first few weeks of using tretinoin, your acne may look worse as the medication is acting on the pimples that form inside the skin. It may take up to 8-12 weeks to notice results from this medicine.

Use it regularly to get maximum benefit. Use it at the same time every day to help you remember. Do not use a large quantity or use more often than recommended. Your skin will not improve more quickly, and the risk of redness, peeling and pain will increase.

Retin-A Micro is available in various types and potencies (eg, gel, cream, solution). The best kind of medicine you use will depend on your skin condition and medical response. Inform your doctor about the severity of the deterioration of your health. Know more about product here

Conclusion: On application, a temporary sensation of heat or mild stinging may be noted. Where therapy is temporarily discontinued, or application frequency is reduced, therapy may resume, or application frequency increases as the patient can tolerate the treatment. The number of applications should be closely watched by careful clinical response and skin tolerance observation. For at least once daily dosing frequencies, efficacy has not been established.

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