Burst the myths and follow the facts about dandruff


The shiny healthy hair is becoming a matter of appreciation in the modern busy lifestyle. Everyone longs for that but many are unable to maintain the hair. The most prominent problems that affect the hair fall or decay is the dandruff problem. The scalp shreds out the white flakes causing itchiness on the scalp. It not only happens to be an embarrassment. We must consider the serious health issues behind dandruff. Instead of taking it silly and trying out some home remedies, take an expert’s advice.

The myths

  • Dandruff is caused by the dryness

Normally when we get our skin itchy or scaly, we apply moisturizers. The same trick won’t work in the case of dandruff. The reason is simple that the cause of dandruff is not the dryness but the overproduction of yeast. The excess oil or moisture on the scalp will catalyze the growth of the yeast. It will further activate the shedding of skin cells and clumping of it. They advise using best ketoconazole shampoo for dandruff.

  • All flaky itchy scalps are dandruff

Don’t doubt all the white flakes like dandruff. Psoriasis also has got similar symptoms. If you are using the medical shampoos for dandruff it may not find dermatologist’s solution. As a result of any hair treatment or use of harsh chemicals on the hair, you may experience some allergic reactions. This will lead to drying out of the scalp.

  • Dandruff affects only the scalp

Dandruff is very common in places, where excess oil production is common. Some women may experience this on their eyelashes, around eyes; nose etc. so they clean these parts also with mild anti-dandruff shampoos along with the hair.

  • Permanent cure is available for dandruff

The dandruff is a dangerously recurring problem. Never wait for the reappearance to start the treatment. One can always try to take up the precautionary measures to prevent it. The high saturated fat diets will activate the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum. Better to avoid such food items and include more fruits, vegetables etc. in the diet.

When to wash the hair

In a regular situation, the dermatologists recommend very frequent hair wash with normal water. They won’t allow you to use the shampoos that much frequently.  The overdosage of the chemicals in the shampoo will affect the scalp with the removal off necessary oils from the hair. If one is at the edge of serious troubles with dandruff, anti-dandruff shampoos can help you a lot. Especially the ketoconazole shampoos in India are very popular for the dandruff treatment. The important use-care instruction is to reduce the frequency of the shampoo gradually.

Summing up,

The dandruff is a very common problem affecting both the men and women alike. The proper hair care tips bring out a healthy scalp and beautiful hair. Controlling the dandruff problem and being cautious about the recurrence will be very helpful. Know what exactly dandruff is and enact accordingly.

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