Everything important you need to know about the “Thai Lottery”


Have you ever heard something about Thai lottery? Well, if you say no, then probably you have missed out chances to have fun with genuine and legal gambling. In Thailand, Thai lottery has been popular for decades now as it is printed and sold by the government of Thailand. Most of the people from Thailand participate in this lottery and look to win something exciting. One should always keep in mind that the people of Thailand love the Thai lottery as it has become extremely popular especially in the rural areas of Thailand.

Introduction to the Thai lottery

Thai lottery is the official national lottery of Thailand which is governed by the National Government of Lottery Office shortly known as GLO. When you talk about the legalized gambling permitted in Thailand Thai lottery is one of those legalized gambling.

Regardless of the small odds of winnings, this lottery is immensely popular all across Thailand. The Government Lottery Office itself makes and sells the lottery tickets to all the wholesalers. There are a number of methods available that you can choose for knowing your lottery results. Hence, finding the Thai lottery result can be easy.

Who can win the Thai lottery?

Whether from Thailand or from any other overseas, anyone can win the Thai lottery without any doubt. The minimum age of a player should be at least 20 years. A person who is of 20 years can participate and succeed prizes in the Thai government lottery. In easy words, any individual from any part of the world can participate in the Thai lottery and win the Thai lottery without any kind of uncertainty.

Possible ways to claim your lottery prize

After becoming familiar with the basics about the Thai Lottery, you would love to know how you can claim your lottery prize. The winning tickets can be cashed in for their prices at any regional office of the Comptroller’s general subdivision. There is one of CDG in every state including 3 CDG in Bangkok. You will have to pay 0.5 % of prize money as the tax. It is feasible to cash in at shops even if the payment is superior regarding 2% is an archetypal fee to discuss.

How you can check the Thai lottery results?

First of all, you need to know that the Thai lottery is drawn on the 16th and 1st of every month. Honestly, there are two certain ways that you can use for finding the Thai lottery results in a short amount of time. The first main and easiest way to check the results of the Thai lottery is the official website. You can explore the official website of GLO to check your Thai lottery results in the shortest way.

Another way of checking your Thai lottery results is to watch a television show which has been developed for telling the results. In other words, at 3:00 p.m. in the television show, the lottery numbers will be displayed and it can be just before 4:00 p.m. with a bit of luck, you may have collected the required details about the Thai lottery and Thai lottery results.

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