Handy Looks at How to Predict the End of a Relationship


You may have been ignoring the warning signals, but if the relationship is doomed, it is destined to end. Handy feels that it is better to end the relationship before things turn sour or nasty. Often, it is difficult to say if you are having one of the usual relationship issues or if it is something to be considered as a serious issue.

The Signals

Listed below are few signals that predict that a relationship is heading towards an end:

1. Communication starts to fade – If you feel that there is little or no communication between the two of you, this is not a good sign. Occasional fights or disagreements are okay, but silence is a huge problem. Communication is the key to any relationship and if it suffers, everything else follows.

2. Physical intimacy becomes rare – It is those passionate moments that help dissolve the greatest of problems between the two of you. When physical intimacy becomes a rarity; a touch, hug or kiss loosens its effectiveness, then it is a signal to watch out for. It has been proven scientifically that physical contact releases oxytocin which is a hormone that makes you feel connected to your partner. In its absence, it could be a cue that your time together is up.

3. You start feeling lonely – When all is not well between the two of you, you stop discussing your inner thoughts about anything that matters to you. You start getting that empty feeling or the feeling of solitude even when your partner is around. This causes great stress and depression and is a sign that you should move on. Staying in a claustrophobic alliance predicts that the relationship may end anytime soon enough.

4. Trust and loyalty issues – If you or your partner have been cheating on each other, it is obvious you are not happy together. Sooner or later, things are going to be discovered about those flings and it may take a bitter turn. This is an evident signaling that the relationship is nearing its expiry date. Trust and loyalty are the core of any relationship and if they wither, so will the bond.

5. The controlling effect – If you or your partner start controlling the other in what you do, where you go or similar aspects, it’s probably a warning that relationship is not going to last. It’s important to retain your identity and not be over-run by the thoughts of the other. Altering a little bit of yourself to suit the relationship is good, but it is imperative not to lose touch with your good old self. So, if your partner wants you to change so much so that it becomes difficult for you to recognize yourself, it’s better to call it quits.


According to Handy, it is difficult to end a relationship that had once been fraught with good times. However, to remain in an ugly relationship is even worse. If you are undergoing a bad time, it is better to end things before you reach a point where you no longer can remain even friends thereafter. Relationships are there to be enjoyed and that should be the case for everybody.

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