Web.com Reviews Gives You Tips to Extend the Life of Your Phone’s Battery



Smartphones are becoming an indispensable part of our life every day since they seem to be getting more powerful each day and let us do so much more. The one thing that has frustrated and may unite both Android and iOS users is the poor battery life. From budget smartphones to 1000-dollar flagships, each and every device suffers from battery deterioration over time and it seems to be closely linked with the way you use it currently and the way you have used it before. Web.com Reviews shares some tips to increase your phone’s battery:

Tips & Tricks

1. Bring battery discharge under control – Lithium batteries have given us higher charge densities and numerous convenient advantages over its lead-acid counterpart. But electrolytes degrade and so do the electrodes as the battery performs each charging cycle. Typical Lithium-ion batteries are estimated to degrade in capacity by 20 percent over just 300 to 500 charging cycles.

So, your phone doesn’t seem to hold as much charge over time until the battery is completely dead. To prevent that, try to keep your phone plugged in as much time as possible and maintain a higher battery percentage. Battery management systems in modern smartphones prevent ‘overcharging’ quite well, so you don’t need to worry about that. Prevent deep discharges and don’t let your phone hit the 0 percent mark since it can degrade the battery capacity faster.

2. QuickCharge less frequently – You bought a phone with the latest QuickCharge 4.0, Dash Charge or VOOC Rapid Charge to get your phone charged at incredible speeds. But with great speed comes high temperature which is poison to Lithium-ion or even polymer batteries. Some manufacturers have transformed the game with low voltage and high current charging, but there is still a considerable rise in temperature.

To extend your battery life, try to avoid using fast charging whenever possible. Use it whenever you are in a hurry, otherwise opt for regular 10-watt chargers. Trading off a bit of charging time for longer battery life doesn’t seem too bad.

3. Temperature and battery-saving modes – In cold climates, Lithium-ion batteries have less available power since Lithium-ion face movement restrictions. On the other hand, hotter conditions may allow you to draw more juice out of your phone’s battery. But that comes at the cost of degraded battery life. So, keep your phones away from direct sunlight and heat.

Use battery saving modes as much as possible. It can limit some processing power and place other restrictions like reduced brightness. But that means less frequent charge cycles for better battery life.


According to Web.com Reviews, smartphones are becoming more of a subscription service over the years where you pay for a device, use it for two years and throw it out with the degraded battery. Saving up your battery life can change the subscription model that gives you more bang for the buck and works in favor of the environment as well.

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