Internet Bundles worth the Money

Internet Bundles worth the Money

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Could you ever imagine living life without the internet? In this present day and age, of course not. And in the times where the internet actually breaks down, it’s basically nothing short of chaos. Life seems to come to a standstill, because we’re so reliant on the internet for pretty much every little thing – communication with our friends and family, work things, academic-related work, accessing smart devices in your home, streaming videos; so many things!

But other than relying on stable internet connectivity to run your entire household or to get through the day, what matters more is having an internet package that can support everything as well. Internet plans come with certain contractual conditions, along with a certain bandwidth that it provides to customers for usage. Sometimes it could last you a month, and sometimes hardly ten days – it really depends on the usage.

Anyway, we’ve shortlisted some cheap home internet options by some of the best providers across the US. Here are some examples of internet plans that are most commonly subscribed to and definitely worth the money you pay for.

Spectrum Internet Ultra

$69.99 monthly

The Spectrum Internet Ultra plan provides speeds of up to 500 Mbps. it’s enough for the usage of the entire household, meaning that it allows for everyone to carry on with office work and school work, as well as stream videos in HD, and supports online gaming too.

Spectrum’s Internet has been known for its fast downloads and ability to provide seamless connectivity, for instance, balancing gaming and video streaming simultaneously. That’s not all though, Spectrum provides its users with a mobile app that gives complete control of your home Wi-Fi. That means you can block access to certain sites, customize Wi-Fi settings on particularly connected devices, and it’s much easier to sort out troubleshoot issues rather than dialing up customer service and waiting for a long time to get through to somebody.

CenturyLink Fiber Internet

$65.00 monthly

CenturyLink is another great provider in the US with services spread across certain states. Its Fiber Internet package provides speeds of up to 940 Mbps – which is kind of like 20 times faster than cable internet. Surely you know the difference between fiber and cable internet services; fiber being the latest and fastest technology.

Upon subscription to this internet plan, users can stream content on up to more than 8 devices simultaneously – without any lags! But that’s not all, CenturyLink provides unlimited data on a completely reliable and secure network, to protect your home’s internet from any sort of malware. It also provides free modem and installation services upon subscription to its internet service. It could save you approximately $300! And what’s even better is that CenturyLink does not bound its customers with any annual contracts.

Xfinity Extreme Pro Internet

$69.99 monthly

Here’s what Xfinity brings to you for just under $70: internet speeds of around 900 Mbps with the Extreme Pro Internet plan, which can connect around 12 devices at a time with seamless connectivity. It can sustain downloads of heavy usage activities like HD video streaming and online gaming – so it’s great for supporting multi-player gaming.

Now here’s what Xfinity offers its customers in general: if you were to subscribe to any of their services, whether it is internet, TV, or home telephone services, they provide 24/7 customer support and a mobile app for easy-to-use services. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee so if you wish to unsubscribe to their services, you can easily do so without being bound by any contracts or termination fees.

Something to Know About Internet Plans

There are some factors that customers should probably be aware of when subscribing to internet plans.

  • Not all internet providers’ services are available in every state across the US.
  • Internet plans and bundles, in general, may differ from neighborhood to neighborhood.
  • Some providers may not necessarily be operating in your region. It’s advisable to check with their customer support helpline in order to double-check.
  • Some service providers offer contract-less plans which eliminate the problem of termination fees and other contractual obligations that are otherwise in place. Always check with your provider before subscribing to any internet plan.

Where Can You Check For Internet Plans Available In Your Area

FirstEnergy offers customers a platform where they can look up internet plans and bundles available to the specific localities that they reside in, and plans from some of the best internet providers across the country!

Head on over to today and find a suitable internet plan specific to your neighborhood. It saves you from the hassle and hours of contacting endless providers, browsing through multiple websites in search of the right internet plan for your home, and finding one with the right details that you’re looking for too.

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