Tips for arranging, distributing, and having group discussions on videos in 2022

Tips for arranging, distributing, and having group discussions on videos in 2022


Video conferencing has evolved over the past two years into a crucial tool for communication, information sharing, and significant conversations. Video meetings will continue to be a crucial component of how people collaborate at work, even as hybrid work becomes more prevalent.

Although it doesn’t take much effort, making the most of video meetings needs some early planning.

Follow these recommended practices to get the most out of every video meeting and minimise interruptions and other problems in video distribution platforms:

Use an email list for the team to streamline communication.

Need to communicate the same details to team members located all over the world? Create an email list for your team on Groups to facilitate communication. Use the group’s email address to share resources with everyone at once, such as video distribution platforms rather than sending emails to specific group members.

Maintain organisation using calendars 

Scheduling meetings when a team is dispersed throughout the world and working in various time zones can be difficult. You may stack the calendars of your team members in Calendar to discover who is available and when. For keeping track of meetings, training sessions, vacations, and other events, you may even create different calendars. It’s simple to organise team meetings or other events now that you know when such platforms are available.

Provide team members with workspaces for projects 

Promote team members’ continued communication by setting up a place in video distribution platforms for team members who are based in various locations. Everyone can now connect with one another quickly, share project ideas, discuss best practices, and foster a deeper feeling of community.

Coordinate project plans and schedules

Keeping track of team projects and timetables can be challenging, especially when there are varying deadlines and impromptu task additions. Improve your preparedness by putting your team’s work in a dynamic Sheets project plan and tracking its completion. Without having to sort through everyone’s email updates, team members may directly update their progress in real-time from anywhere in the world. Distributing tasks and handling shifting times tables is simpler when everyone has access to and is updating the same project plan. Moreover, you can see real-time responses.

Hold video conferences and remote events with team members

If your team is dispersed across the globe, video distribution platforms enable you to keep in touch from any location at any time using a computer or mobile device. To host virtual events, collaborate on team projects, hold brainstorming sessions, and more, join a video meeting. Everyone may now keep in touch without having to travel and still have face-to-face interactions.


Start by selecting a secure video-sharing platform that is simple to use and will provide your team with the best experience. Check out the ranking of the top video distribution platforms if you’re still trying to decide which platform is best for your business.

As more organisations learn about the many advantages of video conferencing, it’s crucial to adhere to the aforementioned best practices to ensure the best meeting experience for all attendees.

Maintain a regular awareness of the most recent developments in video conferencing technology.

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