The best ways to personalize a pen as a unique gift

The best ways to personalize a pen as a unique gift


When it comes to personalizing something as a gift – you may wonder how to create a customized pen! On the other hand, photo albums can be personalized very easily. You can buy a photo album online to send to your life partner on your 5th anniversary.

Now, online gift shops offer hundreds of options to try on. You can buy a personalized pen or can create it all by yourself. Bright colors, adding pom-poms, printed with a picture, engraved with the recipient’s name – so many ways are there to personalize a pen. But when you have bought an expensive luxurious pen, better not to try anything fancy on it. 

Create a DIY colorful pen:

  • You need a clear ballpoint pen to try this beautiful hack on. Make sure you can unscrew or pull out from an end to take them apart. 
  • Now, you need a paper to print a design on it. From any office supply store, you can get such colored or printed papers. Also, using computer software, you can make your own design and take the printout. 
  • Cut the printed paper into thin strips to make them fit inside the pen. Using a scissor or desktop paper cutter, cut the same-sized strips. 
  • Remove the pen’s cap and take out the ink tube. If there is no cap, maybe you need to unscrew one end of the pen. 
  • Now, roll the design paper around the tube. Make sure the design faces outward. Fix it with gum. 
  • Now, you can put the ink tube back inside the pen. 

Apply this simple DIY hack to create a full set of colorful designed pens for your kids. See, how excited they feel after seeing them. 

There are hundreds of DIY hacks to make pompom pens, flower pens etc that you can try to make your kids happy. Help them to feel excited while studying. 

Buy a personalized pen:

If you need to give something as a gift to your writer friend, nothing can be a better choice than ordering customized pens for gifts from websites that sells personalized pens.

  • First, you should find out a place that makes customized pens. Many websites are there that will let you design and print your preferable customized pens. Some of them allow you to print or engrave the recipient’s name on them. 
  • Choosing the right customizing design is the most important thing. Usually, regular ballpoint pens are available for printed designs. When it’s a fancy expensive pen, engraving a name looks perfect on it. So, select the type of pen you want to buy for your writer friend and then select personalizing options. 
  • Decide what to display on the pen. It can be your friend’s name, a small image or a logo. Select from the available templates and mention the required information. 
  • Some of the companies allow customers to design a personalized pen from scratch. Send your own design from printing. 
  • Review your design and finalize the order. If you say, they will directly send the gift to your friend on behalf of you.

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