How Pink Pearls Originate And Spread Their Magic?

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White pearls hold eternal beauty and even pink pearls enjoy same admiration amongst pearl wearers. The level of pinkness ranges from faded peach to bright apricot and loud magenta to pleasing baby pink. There is always a pleasing pink shade suitable for everyone.

Pink pearl necklace or bracelet or earrings can add colorful splash to your accessories collection. If you are starting to add color then start with pink pearl earrings.

Pink pearls origin

Pink pearl formation is very rare in a natural ambiance. Queen oyster is also popular as pink conch, which creates the pink colored pearl. Unfortunately, queen conch is documented to become an extinct species. Pink pearls hold unique qualities and that is when the pearls are examined under light produce ‘flames’.

Fortunately, pink colored pearls are cultured in freshwater oyster called Hyriopsis Cumingii. Each oyster can be nucleated for 25 times on the shells both sides, thus making it possible to yield plenty of stunning colorful harvest. The colors range from deep pink hues and pale baby pinks to apricot to pale peach. Mauves and silvery pinks also get encompassed in this dazzling palette.

Due to heavy demand, Akoya and freshwater white pearls are dyed to gain the pink tint, which are affordable options. Freshwater pearls absorb dye readily, so are suitable for producing plenty of different colors.

How to choose pink pearl hue?

Pink pearls make your skin glow magically, so choose shade that blends with your skin tone. Correct pinkish shade will accentuate the wearers look. Pale pink undertone offers warmth to a lady with fair complexion. Pink pearl earrings can complement blonde and brown hair.

Why pink pearls?

Today’s women are criticized at workplace for same things men get praised for. Women at executive posts are accused of being very aggressive or bossy, while their male equals are defined as decisive and assertive. Pink pearls are helpful in such conditions.

Wear pink pearls jewelry on important presentation meeting and you got yourself covered. It subtly grabs everyone’s attention and the blow of your well-prepared presentation and intelligent decisions get softened. So, it is believed that pink pearls support women empowerment.

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