The necklace that says love and More Jewelry Items for Your Wife


There are many options and trends that you must analyze to choose the ideal necklace: Boho, minimalist or sterling silver? In this post you will find tips to select the perfect necklace for each person, garment and occasion.

Choosing the right necklace can be crucial to looking perfect at any event.

Here are some tips to help you combine a necklace for each dress and take advantage of your personal style. You have to take into account several factors when choosing your necklace.

Choose a necklace for each person

If your neck is short, it is recommended using medium or long necklaces. These will make your torso and height appear more elongated and slender. Avoid chokers and necklaces stuck with oversized stones. You can wear long earrings to stylize your neck. If your neck is long, you can use chokers, bib necklaces, chokers with large stones, and long and medium necklaces. You can choose necklace that says love.

Choose a necklace for each garment

There are many designs of necklines, which are adapted to dresses, shirts, shirts and for each type of neckline we will choose a type of necklace. Now that we have the model of the necklace, we have to see what measure is the one that fits us.

Choose a necklace for each occasion

At weddings, baptisms, communions and other events, the trend in fashion is cocktail dresses or long dresses if the celebration is morning or afternoon. To choose necklace for each occasion you can combine the colors with the belt, with some earrings, the bag or the shoes. If, on the other hand, you want a “daily” or “boho” necklace to go to work, you can choose a long necklace with a large pendant detail that makes our necklace a “cool” touch for our Outfit.

Pendant or necklace

There are no rules here: it depends on you and your style. The Nano Jewelry necklace, by its nature, tends to distribute the attention “across the board”, spread over the entire necklace, or most of it: think of a pearl necklace, or a tribal with stones.

With the pendant it is different. With a pendant you focus all the attention on a single point, the centerpiece. That is what makes these pieces ideal for messages loaded with symbolism, in a personalized pendant just for you: whoever you have in front of you will be automatically attracted to that jewel, and will receive the message that you want them to receive. This means that you will do the game especially with the length of the chain, to adjust the leather-jewel-leather-fabric proportions until it is at the exact height to be perfect.

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